Dreaming of a Mulberry Willow

  1. I don't know if anyone feels the same but I am dreaming of the Willow tote. I can't stop thinking about it, the perfect mix of practical and cute! Does anyone know what the average price will be for any of the sizes.....not the one Kate Moss wears, £18,000 is a little above my price point!
    Thanks lovelies!
  2. They're gorgeous, I think I'll be adding them to my wishlist :ps:
  3. For what the SA at the Mulberry store at Westfields told Cupcake and I, the medium one will be between 1.500GBP to 18K which is the black alligator that Kate Moss has.
    It is apparently going to be quite exclusive and will just be sold at the Bond St store, if you're interested I believe you can buy them before the release that would be the last one for SS 13.
  4. Beautiful bag!
  5. I agree sue, really beautiful design. That colours not for me, but in a darker colour... Yes please! :loveeyes:
  6. This colour is gorgeous, but i would want a darker colour too. Not at that price though!
  7. Thanks for the info. I don't usually fall head over heels for a bag but this is just too pretty.
    I was hoping the smaller version would be at a better price point but I may have to use the dreaded credit card for this one :-/
    Thanks lovelies.
  8. Beautiful bag but I will stick with my Bayswater.
  9. Nope, not for me. I think it will die a slow death like the Harriet etc.
    It is the M version of the famous Celine tote
    Del Rey was nor a succes either!
  10. I love that little one, it's so cute :biggrin:
  11. I was quite surprised with how high the starting price was! This is a gorgeous pale minty colour, looking forward to seeing this colour in real life but I can understand it's not everyone's cup of tea.
  12. Gorgeous!! I really love the Willow, I always seem to fall for the slightly different though. Definitely going on my wish list, but may be a wait if that's the price point ;) I will envy anyone that owns one of these before me xx
  13. If prices start from 1.5k then I ain't even bothering looking at it. You can get a Celine or Givenchy tote for that.
  14. As lovely and cute as the male SA was who told us this, I've learnt from experience that Mulberry SAs aren't always the best informed people unfortunately. He'd also said that the Willow will be very exclusive and only sold at Bond Street, which I find quite surprising as well. I'll wait and see what actually happens.
  15. I emailed Mulberry yesterday and received a reply today. I was also informed that the Bond street store will have the first VERY limited stock. She said anyone can be put on the waiting list but supplies are very limited. The price point for them has yet to be finalised, I'm guessing as there's lots of interest they want to make the biggest profit ;)
    I may wait till its released later in spring to buy one. I want to know how much I'll have to spend to get one. I only want the small version in the oak/tan/conker/whatever they will name this colour....