Dr. Q Huge Hillier Hobo vs. regular size.

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  1. I'm going to pick up the MbMJ Huge Hillier Hobo this weekend, and I've only seen the regular size one before. I'm worried that it might be too big on me as I'm only 5'4". Any other petite girls out there with a giant bag? hahaha
  2. I've seen both. I think you will be fine with the larger one. I know Aritzia in Toronto has them on for $398 which is excellent. Where are you buying yours from? :smile:
  3. The big one overwhelms my frame but I'm kinda on the smaller side. I think if you do a search you might find modeling pics of the large vs small hilliers.

    If you like big bags, then you'll love the huge hillier! Post pics when you get it!
  4. love my huge hillier. the regular size was just too small for me.
  5. I'm 5'4, busty and curvy, and the huge was too big for me.
  6. I'm 5'6", size 4-6, and I found the large Hillier to slightly overwhelm me - but I don't really carry big bags (does a giant nylon tote from Tar-get count?). If you're not happy with it when you get it, I hope you can return it or gift it ;)
  7. Hey, i'm 5'2 but the big size looks fine on me... i think so anyway:P
  8. I am desperatly looking for the Marc by MArc Jacobs Dr. Q Huge Hillier Bag! I cant NOTTTT find it anywhere, please help!!!
  9. ^ But they're everywhere! What color are you looking for?
  10. i love the huge. i'm only 5'3".
  11. I got the regular. I am 4'11.5'' :shame:
  12. I haven't been able to find the Huge either. I'm looking for black and all I've found are the raw sugar and newsprint.