Dr.Q Groovee in Neon Green?

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  1. It seems us Canadians always seem to get the very short end of the stick when it comes to Marc Jacobs bags! When I went to the States during the summer I absolutely fell in LOVE with the Groovee in green (it's my favourite color!) and since then I've been waiting for it to go on sale online but the problem is that it's now completely sold out everywhere!:crybaby:

    I am desperate to get my hands on this bag as I'm quite sure Marc Jacobs won't be putting out anything as extremely green as this one in the near future.

    So ladies, I was wondering if I could get your help on this one from you fellow Marc Jacobs fans!

    Is there anywhere I can purchase the bag from an online store that ships to Canada in fair rates? Where do fellow Candians get there Marc Jacobs goodies? Or better yet, has anybody seen it in the US for a good price and it is willing to ship to Canada? Thanks in advance! (btw, the lowest price I saw it for was $350 at shopbop i believe. Anything lower than that?):heart:
  2. I'm not sure where else you could get it, but I would advise you to get it from ShopBop before they run out! I can't imagine the price getting any lower, but I could be wrong! Good luck!
  3. dito that. i dont see these on ebay very often if at all..
  4. They did run out! They ran out last week and I lost my, seemingly, final chance at getting one :crybaby:

    Thanks for the tip though!
  5. ^aww, I'm sorry! It's a pretty sucky feeling, but we've all been there! Just make it known you're on the look out (put it in your siggy) and if any of the wonderful ladies on the forum see one, I'm sure they'll let you know! They've certainly helped me out when they saw something they knew i was looking for. :biggrin:
  6. ^ did you message them and ask??