Dr. House

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  1. I just realized (last night) that "HOUSE" is the best show on network television.

    Hugh Laurie is also the best actor on television today!
  2. ^ i agree!

    i love it. its quirky interesting.. adn i just love the way he acts
  3. He's hot - especially since he got his teeth fixed from his blackadder days.

    Does everyone know he is british?
  4. My Dad loves that show! :smile: I've overhead the TV while he's watching and it sounds really interesting.
  5. I loveeeeee this show! love, love, love, LOVE!!!!
  6. It's crazy to see him with Stephen Fry! They were hilarious. I love this show, though, cause it allows him to be humorous in a serious role.
  7. Love this show - he is so bad!
  8. I Love This Show, Too!!!
  9. Ahh I missed tonight's episode because I had to go to a review :sad:
  10. I missed it, too. I wish we could watch past episodes online...
  11. This is an awesome show, I have bought Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.
  12. I love this show. I heard there was a rumor that they might dump most of the cast. Anyone else hear this?
  13. lol .. i know he isnt conventionally hot ... but maybe i just like *******s cuz i loooooooooooove him
  14. I think they show the current season's episone on Friday nights from 11PM on USA two weeks late. They also show the previous season's episode on Saturdays on USA, too. I don't have TiVo and I work late on Tuesdays so I always miss it, too...
  15. I love this show! Hugh Laurie is a great actor! When he went for the audition he didn't let the director know he was British as they supposedly only wanted american actors.
    Did any body else spot Billy Kennedy from Neighbours as Dr.Chase - how much has he changed!