1. Ladies, I need your help! :yes:

    I usually carry a pretty large bag. I think it's sort of a security blanket for me. LOL But there are times I really need to downsize. Sometimes I just get tired of carrying a heavy bag. And....I got a lovely bag for Chanukah from the in-laws-to-be and I really want to use it! :nuts:

    But I am having trouble whittling down what I carry to fit! By the time I put in my reading glasses and sunglasses, there's not a whole lot of room left for anything else!

    The sunglasses and reading glasses are a must. A cell phone is, too. As is carrying a debit card and I.D., of course. Plus, I have certain medical information that needs to be on hand (which I am still figuring out how to organize!). I guess the rest is up for grabs?

    So how do you small-purse gals do it? What do you carry? What are your tips and tricks? I'm determined to figure this out! :shrugs:
  2. LOL i rarely bring "small bags" my everyday bag is a chanel original coco cabas, LV neverfull GM and balenciaga weekender :p
    but in times when i carry my small bag (like a chanel jumbo flap or a balenciaga first) i transfer my money and debit cards to a balenciga coin purse, i also carry 3 cell phone (yeah 3 LOL, 1 for private line and 2 for works. but the 2 cell phones is pretty small though), i also carry my compact and blush in my other balenciaga coin purse, ipod and my YSL cigarette case.
  3. hahahaha I HAVE THIS SAME PROBLEM!!!!!! I'm so lazy and I never take anything out of my bag that I don't need, and I am always in a hurry and don't have time to make sure I remembered to pack everything. So it all just sits there in my huge bag. You are totally right - a big bag is like a security blanket - since I have everything in there including the kitchen sink I always feel prepared. Walking out of the house without all this stuff I feel sort of...naked. I've started carrying a smaller purse inside my big one, so that if I'm going somewhere that demands a lighter load, I can shed layers.
  4. I've got it down to a slim wallet, small make-up bag, keys, small reading glasses, tiny calendar, cell phone, misc. papers, receipts, and a little extra room to carry my reg. glasses or sunglasses if I need to. I don't need too large a bag for that. My shoulder hurts if I carry a huge bag.
  5. I prefer big bags cause I put all things I want and I need... and inside it.. there's also a small purses for my small things..
  6. id switch to a smaller wallet, even wristlets double nicely as wallets, try soft eyeglass cases, then figure out what is most essential for you. for me its mini hand cream, lip gloss, keys, mini bottle of purell, a purse mirror, and a slim cell phone
  7. i never carry large bags, because i'm short and a large bag makes me look like dwarf shopping. also, i switch bags almost daily, so i keep a minimum amount of stuff with me: a wristlet that's my wallet (holds money, coins, cards, coupons/receipts, and has a mirror inside), and a lesportsac makeup bag that i keep small stuff like bandaids, makeup, pills, etc. these two things, plus my cell, a small 5x7 inch planner, keys, and ipod, barely fill up a mini-size bag. i think the point is to consolidate all the little things into one makeup-sized bag; otherwise you'd be tempted to have lots of small bags to hold each thing, and end up with a lot of volume. i'd even put the glasses in a soft container or a sock, and put both pairs into the makeup-size bag.
  8. I've tried to size down to a smaller bag but have been unsuccessful... with kids plus the fact that I like to carry my world with me, I'm a big bag girl. I have a great Coach capacity wristlet that I use inside my bag, which fits my cell phone, money, credit cards, etc. inside and my keys clip to the side. I take that out of my large bag when I need to go run errands or want to travel really light.
  9. I am a fan of smaller bags, as any bag bigger than my face makes me look weird! I change bags almost everyday so carrying fewer items makes the transfer much easier. Wallet, cell phone, 1 lipstick, 1 lipbalm/gloss, handy tissues, a pocket diary and keys. Most of my bags have organizing pockets so stuff like sunglass case, cosmetic purse, pen case are unnecessary.
  10. No matter what size bag I carry this is what I put inside:

    small credit card type wallet
    medium size cosmetic bag
    small calendar

    That's it.
  11. ^oooh what bag is this? It is beautiful!
  12. Well....I've carried the smaller bag for a few days now and it's been interesting. And occasionally frustrating!

    I put in a slim wallet, smallish make-up bag with lipstick, lotion, kleenex...and a couple of other random things I need. My cell phone. Reading glasses. Inhaler. Keys. And it was pretty full.

    I put my sunglasses (in their case) into my jacket pocket....and they were gone by the end of the day. The only place they could have fallen out was the dr's office, but they claim not to have found them. I LOVED those sunglasses so this was a big downside to the smaller bag.

    I do prefer the look of a bigger bag. And I do like having plenty of room to randomly throw stuff in it. Like the mail when I pick it up.

    But I think I can get the hang of this smaller bag thing at least some of the time! LOL
  13. I don't really carry much at all - wallet, keys, phone, and maybe some chapstick. Yup, that's all.
  14. I leave my sunglasses in my car if I have a small bag because the walk from where I park to inside isn't that far (or leave them on my head). I'm so sorry you lost yours! Sunglasses are one of the hardest things for me to buy. Is there any way you could consolidate your medical info onto a smaller wallet-sized card (or two)?
  15. sunglasses are sometimes a pain as I use the big aviator Dior ones... and a small Dior saddle or a juicy couture bag will look too unglamourously "filled up"...
    I try to leave out the medium Hermes wallet... and just tuck a few notes and a credit card in. Lipstick or gloss is a must.. car keys and my cell phone are also necessities. I leave mysunglasses in the car dashboard. sigh