Doubts about Rouge Garance

  1. My SA called yesterday saying a 35 Birkin in Clemence Rouge Garance had just arrived, if I wanted to see it...So I went, and was suprised at seeing a totally different red that I expected...I had seen the swatches of Fjord and Liegee in this red, and they looked to me like a tad darker Rouge Vif, whereas this is a coppery red.... Also the pics of Bagg's and MK's on ebay don't really catch the color very well...My SA said that this bag was ordered for a lady, but if she should renounce then my SA will let me know....I really want a red Birkin, but at this point I'm not so sure that Garance is the right red for me; I also saw a bag in Rouge Vif Fjord, but it had a pronounced pink undertone which also left me doubtful....I cannot believe that there isn't a Hermès red that I really love (besides Rouge H, which I have already) Give me your thoughts girls...Also if my SA should call me to say that the bag is available (very unlikely, but you never know) what should I do ? Go see it again and then decide? Refuse it straight away? Take it ? Those of you who have seen Rouge Garance, what do you think of it? HELP!!! :sos:
  2. Duna, if you're not in love with it, don't get it. Otherwise, you'll have a closet full of "impulse buys" that you'll have to unload. I like the Garance, but like you I LOVE rouge H. Think about it, and if you still don't like it, call your SA right away and pass, that way you're not wasting her time.
  3. if you have doubts now i assume you won´t be totally happy with the bag ever! so i would say pass. but what about rouge vermillion in chevre (and only chevre) what about hat shade of red .
  4. I agree with you HG, which is your favourite red (besides rouge H ?) I would really like a red Birkin, but I don't know which red at this point...I love J.Jagger's one in the "stars and H" thread...what do you think?
  5. Lilach, we posted Vermillion in chevre darker than in other leathers? I know all these reds have been discussed many times, but I think it's one of the most difficult colors to be realistic in pics...
  6. I agree thet rouge garance in clemence looks completely different and paler than in vache liegee (I like the shade in vache liegee). How about vermillion in swift? That also looks nice. I saw a Bolide 1923 in this shade and the bag was snapped up immediately at the boutique.

    I'm also looking for a red bag and I would love to have a 30cm Birkin in rouge vif chevre, but I don't see that happening since the only other red chevre bag my boutique is getting is size 35.

    I might also settle for vermillion swift if it comes my way.
  7. well i can only speak from my impression but i do not like vermillion in any other leather than chevre de corom. (not mysore in mysore it is orangey) as it has a very strong orange undertone but on chevre it is a real red without any remarkable undertone very true i would say lipstick red. due to my skin tone i absolutely can not do any orangy-yellowish undertones at all but fine on me are
    rouge H (in basically all leathers)
    rouge vif (due to its blue undertones)
    rouge vermillion in chevre de corom. (a clear red)

    i think poohbearpooh has a vermillion chevre birkin and i found her pictures very accurate to reality.
    edited to say: i don´t know if you are in the marked for croc. but in my opinion braise on porosus it the most beautiful shade of red ever :love:
  8. Duna, this one is nearly impossible to help you on.

    One lesson I have learned is you can't go by swatches and colors on different leathers than the "exact color on the exact leather" you plan to purchase. If you see it and don't know 100% if it is for you...then you must pass. Don't second guess yourself. It really has to hit you.

    I was shocked at how colors are so different on various leathers in real life. It really is an eye opener.

    If offered to you...see it one more time...if you can't say yes right must PASS. Just my opinion.
  9. I absolutely love the red of vermillion in my togo's such a personal taste though! If it doesn't make you go "WOW" it's not for you - maybe they will come out with something else - or maybe the reds are just the color...thankfully there are so many others to love!
  10. Duna, to answer your question, I like rouge vif on certain leathers, ie, croc. Hmmm, I just realized that's about the only leather I like it in. I like garance, but my first love will always be rouge H in box.
  11. Hello!

    Oh this is a difficult question. I have never seen Garance in person.

    I will take a pic of my rouge vif c hevre birkin tonight when I get home and post it for you. Maybe that will help:yes:
  12. I'll try and get some good natural lighting for a picture of my Bolide 1923 in vermillion swift - maybe that will help. Although, I'm learning that it really doesn't matter how much you like one color in one leather on any particular bag. They look different on every bag -- even in the same leather. You really have to see it IRL, hold the bag and get a good look in natural light as well.
  13. Duna, maybe Rouge H is "your" red? And it's fine to have more than one RH bag. Personally, RH is the only red that works with my wardrobe. MAYBE I'd do something in VIf Chevre de Coromandel, but that's it. And it would be a small bag for evening. I'm not a red Birkin girl even though I think they're beautiful.
    At this point, I wouldn't order an H bag in another red unless you see the exact color/leather combo ahead of time. JUst ask your SA to keep calling you when things come in. As for this Birkin, sure - go see it again but if your nose wrinkles up and it's not love at first sight then pass. These bags are too expensive to feel so-so about them.
  14. Yes you're right GT, I would really like to see R. Vif in chevre IRL, but I haven't managed yet, as I said above I saw R.Vif in Fjord yesterday aswell, but it seemed too strawberry red for me. As you rightly say, I have asked my SA to call me whenever something in red and gold (I have the gold issue aswell, remember?LOL) comes in, so hopefully one day I'll be able to see the right color/leather combo that I love....:girlsigh:
  15. Duna, like other ladies have already said, if you're having any doubts at all, do NOT get it. It seems to me that you are very clear about what you want, therefore you really should not settle. Otherwise, you'll regret in the long run and STILL want the original bag that you're lusting after:yes: