Double Zip Bayswater tote. reveal

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  1. No teasers, just a straight and quick reveal.
    I saw her, carried her in the store and she had to come home with me.
    Very classy, very comfy to carry and loads of space. The quality looks super. She has some old school Mulberry styling imo, combined with lovely leather (goat).




  2. Absolutely gorgeous!
  3. Yo my bag sis, you have chosen well and look fab :girlsigh:
  4. Fab on you lovelhearts...another beauty to add to your stunning collection..congrats
  5. Beautiful bays Loveheart! I also love the fact that you can adjust the handle strap. Does it fit over your shoulder?
  6. Thank you

    I love your red DZ, but I don't carry red very well.


  7. Yes it does if you lengthen the handles, which makes it very versatile
  8. I tried this in store a couple of weeks ago, absolutely love it! Beautiful bag
  9. Beautiful bag! Very classy!
  10. Really stunning.... I must admit to some bag envy on this one. Lovely!!
  11. Actually, a lot of bag envy!!!
  12. Great bag, looks fabulous on you. Is it a heavy bag?
  13. Thank you. I never took really notice of her till I carried her

    Merci beaucoup!

    Thanks for the compliment Lu

    Not really that heavy, and much easier to carry than a Bays
  14. Well jeal:heart:
  15. Gorgeous!!!