Double Trouble

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  1. Who all has Doubles or even Triple Koobas? Are we crazy and is it necessary?

    I have 2 Jillians (Bourbon & Black)
    Two Jessie (Raisin & Java)
    I will have 3 Siennas (Black, MA, & Expresso).
    I did manage to let go of a double Metallic Army. Two of the same color seemed ridiculous.

    Is this Hoarding? Or do we really need them. My worry is one will wear out but with all the bags I have that will never happen.
  2. Yes, I do believe we have disorders and probably hoarding is just ONE of them. :graucho:

    Having said that, I have the same two Jessies you have and two Siennas, a bourbon and a raisin. Someday I'd like to add a black Sienna and maybe an olive one too.

    Let the psychosis roll! :p
  3. HEY! That was my 1,000 post!!! :tup:
  4. Whooppeee Grace. That calls for another bag purchase. There's a Jessie in Khaki up on eBay...LOL
  5. CONGRATS Grace, you've hit the jackpot... that entitles you to another bag.

    I have tripple Jessies - java, khaki and black
    Double Jillians - bourbon and sand
    Double Siennas - smooth black and olive

    I''m not looking to relieve myself of any of them... yet.
  6. I looked this condition up in the Physician's Desk Reference. It's a very rare but insidious and sometimes contagious disease called armcandyitis. It starts in the brain and works it's way to manifest itself down one arm or the other. The most fascinating aspect of this condition is that when it affects both arms at the same time, it can be fatal.
    You are hysterical!
    But I'm highly upset there were no emoticons used in your posting of the rare disease!
  8. Too funny Rose! But, you are absolutely right. We all have armcandyitis I'm sure!

    Oh, and I have triple Siennas (desert, espresso and ivory). No other doubles or triples (at the moment).
  9. No doubles right now but I have had doubles before. If it sits too long in my closet with no use whatsoever I come to my senses sometimes.
  10. Yes! Hoarding! Like little hamsters in a cage for fear of a great Kooba Bag Famine.....:tup:

    I have:

    2 Marcelles (black and desert)
    4 Lucys (black, ivory, bronze, silver)
    2 Whipstiched styles (Renee & Taylor)
    2 hobo styles (Claudia & Taylor)

    which doesn't include other bags in my closet which have been duplicated which include:

    5 Fiore Audra Bags (black Shir Honor, brown, pewter, pink & gold)
    3 Twiggy Besso Bags (black, brown & purple)
    3 City Besso Bags (black, white, orange)
    2 Tano Sex Bomb/Jet Setters (olive green & cobalt)
  11. JChiara needs Immediate Medical Attention. She's got the chronic debilitating form of Armcandyitis where it affects the whole body.....especially the Brain!
  12. Oh boy....not sure I want to do this and admit to the extent of my hoarding, but here goes:

    5 Marcelles (Desert, Ivory, Cognac, Toffee, Black. Had Moss, did not keep)
    2 Claudias (Black and Brown Suede - still need Ivory!))
    2 Siennas (Black embossed and Brown embossed. Sold both this year, still trying to find Bourbon and a Desert)
    2 Lucy (Purple and Ivory - no longer have Ivory, though)
    2 Carlas (Chestnut and Terraine)

    Hoarding certain leathers: Bourbon Jillian, Ada and Audrey

    And, as with jchiara....I do this with other bags....

    3 Isabella Fiore Whipflash Audras (Original Brown, Revival Brown/Gold, & Black)

    Intend to hoard in the future:

    Black Jillian to go with my Bourbon
    Black and Camel Brynnes to go with my Auburn
    Red and Blonde Elishas

    P.S. This isn't limited to bags for me - I knit and crochet and have more yarn than a single human needs to have or can possibly use in a lifetime. ~eeep!~
  13. KoobaMe....:wtf:
  14. Lexie, Minimouse, jchiara, youngster and KoobaMe, I've made appointments for all of you at the Kooba Detox and Rehab Center. You'll be getting your appointment notices in the mail. Grace123, they told me that you don't have to go in for testing for at least six months.'re in the clear! As for nunnla, I think they told me at the Center that she is in isolation for at least 30 days and is in no way able to make contact with the outside world. The upside to all of this is that you all could be Lindsay Lohan's roommate, but you lucked out!!
  15. It's called J-U-N-K-I-E. ~sigh~

    Fortunately, it's usually limited to a few specific styles of bags....and not all are kept forever (i.e., Ada and Audrey are now living it up in new homes and the Carla girls will be heading out as well).

    All I can say's a good thing I'm not crazed for BBags or Hermes and the like. :push: