Dooney rehab thread


Sep 22, 2011
I bought this bag for $13. It is so gross. It is so dirty but at least it doesn't smell! That was my biggest fear.
After starting to soak it I realized the extend of grime. I decided to put it in the washer in a pillowcase. The water in the sink was a funky brown. Ugh why do people let their bags get this way? Other than the dirt, the bag is in perfect condition.







After the washer I will take more pics. There is a very significant pen mark that probably won't come out though.
Ohh ok. I buy most of my bags used. I have never bought one that nasty though! It's coming along. I probably won't get it perfect though. I actually can't wait to use it!
I just had a baby and haven't carried a purse in 2 months. I totally relapsed. I need my bags! Maybe I should buy and fix up these bags to sell to save up for a LV.
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I put it in the washer again. The thing is STILL dripping brown. Who treats their bags like that???

It's like all the nasty Louis vuittons all over eBay!!

Eww I agree! People can b really nasty. I couldn't deal with the bag that u have. Some stains ok but not like that!!

U know I just bought some Born gladiator sandals off eBay. Described as excellent condition. Well I got them couple days ago and I can't wear them. One of the back straps was chewed halfway off so that it can b strapped properly! There's even chew marks on the top inside! Really gross! I love animals but come on! In the pic that the seller took u can only see that the strap looks a little curled.

I emailed the seller and she won't admit to sending them in that condition! I told her i will provide pics and that she had to have known. She says to send them back but she won't refund for original shipping so I opened a dispute. It was only $16 total but that's not the point! The sandals weren't nice enough even to b donated! I'll send them back with my own funds but she will have to pay for my original shipping cost.
Made some progress!!





There is still a big ink stain that needs worked on. I thought I didn't have any alcohol then I found some in the closet. There is another stain as well that I can't get out. I have no clue what it is. The corners are worn but I actually think I did that by washing. I plan on soaking this again but I don't want to wash it in the machine. I don't think the leather can take it. It looks good as is I think but I'm a perfectionist. I do want to carry it this weekend so I might not do anything until Monday. I have a newborn and might not find time.
Here is a pic of the inside after I soaked it. Thus bag was nasty. I didn't realize how clean it was until I looked at before pics.
Missy--it's looking much better for sure! I think the Coachies put bags inside a pillow case when they run them through the wash. You might do that next time to keep the leather from getting abrasions. There is so much good info on the Coach rehab thread that it makes a great reference.
I used a pillow case so it might have been there when I bought the bag. It was so dirty I might just have missed them. The bag was still dripping brown and that was after I soaked and washed it! The leather was so dirty it was probably covering up the marks. Lol.

As long as the kid cooperates I might soak it today and see if I can get out what's left of the stains and wash it again to get out what's left of the dirt.