Dooney obsessed Collection

  1. Hey guys... this is my very bright and fun dooney collection. I know there are more expensive and elegant bags our there. I have a few coach and kate spade. Being 21, makes me move towards the bolder and colorful bags. Dooneys are certainly those. I will attach more pics of my other collections later. Thanks for looking I am hoping i am attaching this properly :sad:

    can't help but love dooneys:love:



  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I like the white IT bag...thanks for sharing!
  4. Awesome collection
  5. Pretty bags and accessories. I just bought the D & B three way watch. Their watches are gorgeous.:yes:
  6. Fun colors! Your collection is great!!!!
  7. i like your collection :biggrin:
  8. awesome collection! I love dooney too!
  9. Very colorful
  10. I love Dooneys too! I have LV and Balenciaga but that does not take anything away from how much I like Dooney bags. Right now I have the vintage leather pocket sac and a tattoo banana bag. Your collection is so cute, looks like you have something to match every outfit!
  11. I love your bags! So pretty, thanks for the pics!
  12. Love the colours, so cute!!
  13. I love the luggage! is that a rolling trunk and a duffle? adorable!
  14. great collection!
  15. the luggage is really cute!
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