Dooney & Bourke?????

  1. Is there anyone on here that is a D&B expert that can authenticate a handbag I won on eBay, but now I think my be a fake?:s

    I didnt see a forum for D&B
  2. What is the link to the auction or the auction number? I can help with certain lines of D&B.
  3. These are the pictures of the item I won (she posted these pictures)

    This is the D&B link with pictures of it, but it looks a little different.

    Luckily I won at a very very very low price. And paid thru PayPal, so I feel a little safe, if it turns out to be fake. But I need some proof if it is :sad:

    I will be sooo mad at myself if I won a fake bag. I usually buy Coach and have never had ANY problems!!!

  4. This should probably be posted in Handbags & Purses--that's where the brands without their own forum are discussed. I know it can be confusing about where to put things about eBay questions. I hope noshoepolish can help you. There are several Dooney fans on the H&P forum so you might get some additional opinions.

  5. Thank you!!! I will ask this in that forum. I had no idea where to post this!! LOL
  6. Yes either there or try the ebay shoes forum. I sm not familiar with this bag. Do you have the auction number? I might be able to tell more seeing the inside of it. The photos you posted are fuzzy.