Don't you hate...

  1. waiting for the UPS guy? I ordered a bag last week and was so sure that it would show up today. The doorbell rang twice and I eagerly ran out, expecting a beautiful new prada, and found false alarms both times:rolleyes:

    Meanwhile, I'm waiting for someone to call me back about plans for this weekend, which I can't really make until I hear from them, which is also vexing.

    I can never concentrate when I'm just waitng around!! I hate it, must have ADD, lol.
  2. Oooh waiting for mail when you know its on its way is the worst. But I know what you mean about friends. I like to plan. DH likes to make plans at the last minute and it drives me crazy.
  3. OMG I'm the same way! If I know something is coming in the mail or if I"m waiting for someone to call etc, I seriously can't focus on ANYTHING. I think I need to sign myself up to get some Ritalin or something LOL.