Don't this bag looks like a spy?

  1. Even though this bag is cute, but doesn't this bag looks like a spy? I really don't like the thought that a well known bag-designer don't really have any creative thought. It's pretty obvious that she (Nancy Gonzales) got inspired to create this bag from a spy... :suspiciou

  2. I love some of her bags. Yes , I can see a great similarity, it's too bad.:sad:
  3. Ya, this definitely look like a spy-wannabe but look more creature-like to me. I don't like it when other designers are trying to copy others as well. :suspiciou
  4. i guess i don't like this particular reincarnation, although most of her other bags are gorgeous. you find a lot of different designers "getting inspiration" from others though; it seemed like everyone was inspired by the lock from the paddington, marc jacobs ripped off chanel's quilting, etc. etc ..
  5. It doesn't really look like a very versatile bag.. disappointing when designers knock off designers. :sad:
  6. i know... it's annoying too, seeing designers copy each other. botkier bags looks like a hybrid of a balenciaga motorcycle. grrrrrr...
  7. oo I typically love NG too. Can't deny that it looks like the spy bag though.
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