Don't know if I have asked this Birkin before

  1. I will be ordering my first Birkin in Paris at Christmas. Really like big bags is the 40cm to big for everyday? Any advice appreciated, I am 5' 8 1/2.Thanks:confused1:
  2. ^ Some people can pull it off beautifully but I find it much too HEAVY for everyday. The 35cm in something like Togo is my absolute limit size and weight-wise. I'd really consider the 35cm if you can.

    But, you're tall, so the 40cm is an option. Again, be most careful with weight. Even not stuffed, the 40cm is quite a load on your arm...:yes:
  3. since you're almost 5'9", the 40 would look great on you. the problem is, it will potentially accummulate a lot of stuff that will otherwise make it very heavy. i have a friend who's 5'4" tall and carries the 40 birkin all the time. it's absolutely fine on her. great for travelling!
  4. Since you are so tall, you would also look fabulous with a JPG!!! But either way, you could pull off a 35 or a 40.
  5. I'm 5' 6", and I like big bags, too. I've tried a few 35 Birkins lately, and don't find them too big for me at fact, I could go 40, but the weight may bother me. Since you have another 2.5 inches on me, and like big bags, too, I reckon you would love a 40! Can you go to a store and try some on? This is the only way I have discovered a 30cm is too small for me, otherwise I was considering this size, and may have ordered on online only to regret it later.....
  6. I am also 5'6"...but typically 5'9" in shoes...the 35 is the perfect size for me... Good luck with your decisions!
  7. I think 40cm should be ok for you, but think about the weight. The bigger the bag, the heavier it is.