Donations for Darfur: So I've got this idea...READ

  1. The other day I was going through a few websites, checking out all the after-Christmas sales when I overheard a news program on the televison about Darfur. This isn't my first encounter with the dire situation that region (and the country, continent as well) is in but listening to the stories of men and women about the murders, rapes, and destruction really got to me. First, I became angry at myself for spending so much time obsessing over the latest deal when there are people dying and suffering all over the world. And what gets me in particular about the situation in Darfur, is that it isn't getting the attention and help that it really needs.
    So here's my idea and how you wonderful ladies of TPF can help!

    I'm going to contact eBay to set up a special auction where 90% of the proceeds go to the organization that best assists Darfur. Tonight I'm going to research some of the peace groups and also try to reach out to the IMF, World Bank, etc... to see who I need to talk to and what I can do with the possible money I'd generate from the auctions for Darfur. I am also going to contact The Oprah Show to see if there's anything they can do to perhaps give my cause some more attention (who knows but its better than not trying). So basically I am asking each of you women, with your considerable collections of handbags, to donate one bag to the auction. I myself will donate from my own personal collection because I believe in my cause so much. I just think that with all of the money that is spent on material things and as much as we enjoy them, just think how much more we could help someone with the donation of one of our items. I'm really excited about this idea and would really like to see this take off and I believe this forum is an excellent place to start!
    If anyone has any questions or would like to help me in my "little" venture, feel free to message me here or PM me. Let's start the new year off with hope! :heart:
  2. I think that's a fantastic idea. I pledge to donate a bag. Unfortunately, I don't have any that will bring a whole lot of money, but every little bit helps, right? You may also want to try and contact Anne Curry of the Today Show. She has done several reports on Darfur and has been trying to bring attention to the dire situation there.
  3. I would absolutely donate a bag/s from my collection.... count me in. great idea!!

    If there is anything else I can do to help, PM me.
  4. Thank you to the two of you that have responded! I really appreciate! I will definitely contact the Today Show on your advice! Anything else, please keep it coming because this could turn into something huge, and that really excites me!

    Spread the word- I'm going to try and get as many people involved in this as I can. I'll definitely keep in touch with the both of you. :yes:
  5. What an absolutely amazing idea! Wow!

    I don't yet have any bags that will really generate any money, but I'll still donate one. Sometimes people bid more if it's for a good cause. :smile:
  6. I think it's a great idea! Please PM me and let me know how I can help. Contacting the Today show is a great idea and maybe easier, not unless you have a contact with Lady O.
  7. Ditto everyone else's responses! This is something I can actually do to make a difference! I'll also pledge a bag--just let me know the details. Thanks for thinking of this.
  8. All wonderful ideas and definately keep us all posted on your progress.

    Also, something to do is to contact your elected officials (congressmen, senators, etc) to let our govt. know that genocide is unacceptable and something MUST be done right NOW, at least 400,000 people dead and 2 million displaced is utterly horrible. something must be done.
  9. That is a wonderful idea!!
  10. keep us updated!
  11. Let us know how you plan to collect the bags to raise money on eBay.:yes:
  12. ^^Let me know the details too ok?
  13. Wow, I think it would be wonderful this Xmas season to give to people who are truly in need. I have no really high end bags, but will gladly donate one the bags I have to this cause. Great idea!!!
  14. Thanks again to everyone for their support!!! Unfortunately it has been a little difficult to reach people during this extended holiday season but I'm getting right back on the horse Monday morning. I will definitely keep you all posted! I just think that this is a really important cause and that we must not get too caught up in own comfortable lives here in America knowing that there are those out there in the world (and here too) that aren't doing so well. I am really pleased to see those of you that have expressed interest, honestly, thank you. I didn't think anyone would care so much because the forum and the site is focused on our affinity for handbags, but its nice to know that there are those of you that can step back from that, and care and give. It only makes me want to fight harder for this cause, OUR cause. Thanks again and have a safe, happy and healthy new year :yahoo:!