Dolls anyone?

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  1. those are cute! I love dolls, but i'm not familiar with these
  2. I have lati yellow and another on the way. Another member, Fayden, got me into Blythe around a year ago. I have been collecting ever since. If you want to see pics of other people's lati yellows, just go to flickr and do a search for "lati yellow" or "lati doll".
  3. hey impasto! so envious that you have 2 latidolls! I love coco and cara and still can't decide which to get.

    curious to know how many tPFers play/ collect dolls.. DH finds it creepy though... LOL
  4. Not familiar with these dolls that you mentioned but I use to collect Madame Alexander, Barbie and even Beanie Babies. I stopped collecting because I didn't have any room in my home for displaying dolls and also I started collecting Louis Vuitton. All of my dolls are in plastic boxes in my garage - terrible but again, no room inside my house!
  5. Cute!
    My mom has a huge collection of dolls that she wants to pare down lol. She loves Marie Osmond, Virginia Turner and a bunch of other random artists I can't remember at the moment.

    I really like some of the different designer Barbies (like the Juicy Couture ones, Diane Von Furstenberg, Kate Spade, Dooney & Bourke, etc.).