Dogs are killed after the Sichuan earthquake....

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  1. #1 May 21, 2008
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    Sichuan government (in China) is starting to kill all dogs escaped from the earthquake in preventing disease spreading. How can I help those helpless??
  2. I knew I would hear of this. Let's face it, they don't care about people in china, and they sure don't care about animals. I, like many, am boycotting the olympics, and am careful not to purchase anything made in china or hong kong (now chinese).
  3. Glad to hear that the Hong Kong SPCA is doing something....their volunteers are now actively seeking out those animals which are homeless and in need....
  4. Horrible...the government allows most couples one child and some of those children have been killed in the earthquake, the parents have nothing. I can believe this concerning the dogs.
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    So sorry to hear that since I am from Hong Kong..... I am sure that most Hong Kong people are willing to help but we are so far from there...
    I cried more after I read the following news......
    An old lady was rescued after 196 hrs from the earthquake. You know who made this miracle? 2 LITTLE DOGS.... 2 dogs were staying beside this old lady for so many nights until their barking sound attracted the rescuse team.

    Here I attached the photo of one of the two stray dogs

    Attached Files:

  6. I can understand dystroying ones that are injured or that are clearly starving since they don't have to resources to do help animals right now, nevermind their own citizens, but to dystroy all the dogs they can find to prevent the spread of disease seems like very self serving logic.
  7. It's really hard these days to find goods not produced from China, especially with the powerhouse of Walmart. The Chinese gov't just really needs to get their "stuff" together.

    It really is sad about the dogs, I hope the two dogs that stayed with the lady were spared their lives. I'm at the point if I hear something animal related and China in the same sentence I don't read or listen to it.
  8. Thanks Gorosaland for this upbeat story. Restores my faith in mankind!
  9. ^ me too. But its just sad. They dont even care about the people, so what about dogs?
  10. While this is such a sad situation this is still a political discussion. This goes against tPF posting rules and guidelines.

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