Dogon wallet wear and tear advice

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  1. Hi everyone, I've been lusting over the dogon duo in Togo for a while now and will be going into the store next week. Does anyone have the wallet that can advise on how it's worn? I think it's such a beautiful piece but I'd be heartbroken spending so much if it didn't wear well, thank you.
  2. I've had mine since the end of 2013/beginning of 2014. While I don't use it all the time, I feel that it still gives me that "new feeling", and it fits so much. I don't use it a lot because I don't carry too many things in my wallet, but when I travel, it's the ultimate for holding different types of cash, receipts, as a clutch if necessary, etc. I've gotten a couple of tiny scratches on the leather which upset me, but eventually they smoothed into the leather where they aren't as noticeable--still there though. If you are getting one to match with an outfit or purse, then maybe pass this time. But if you are looking for a type of HG wallet, it's a great buy. I hope all this helps!
  3. I bought a Togo Dogon last summer in jaune poussin (light yellow) and it has seen heavy use, both as a wallet and as a casual clutch when going out to breakfast, eg. Despite the light color and near daily use it still looks fabulous and has made me want to increase my Dogon inventory to other colors. I use it much more than my Kelly wallet.

    Also, while I would NEVER recommend you test this yourself, my Dogon wallet actually "absorbed" some very light black ink pen marks (horror!!). I had lightly brushed a pen along the leather and nearly died when I realized what happened. I used a Q-tip to try and remove the ink stain but it remained. About two months later, following subsequent wear and use, the marks were gone!! Togo is indeed a workhorse, in my opinion. I say go for it!
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  4. I have several dogon wallets since they first were introduced. While I am not typically hard on my wallets,
    they are for me workhorses & do not disappoint. I say if you can find the color of your choice, go or it.
    The wallet holds an awful lot & unless it is overly stuffed, it should wear very well.

    I prefer the dogon because your money & credit cards are hidden unlike the bearn where all can be seen,
    in a matter of speaking.
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  5. Thanks all for the advice, definitely feel happier about it now! Just want it to last forever as it will be my 40th birthday present . Now, just to decide on a colour lol
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  6. Let us know what color you decide on & happy 40th birthday!!
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    I bought a Dogon Combined wallet in gold yesterday and was so excited. Here’s a quick pic


    I quickly realized it doesn’t hold as much as I thought. My biggest worry is that, despite having downsized the contents, the 2 cards in the outside pockets will mark the opposite side of the wallet cover. Here’s another pic describing what I mean:


    I’m having a bit of a freak out moment. I was so excited about this wallet and am now unsure. To those of you who have one, can you share photos of how it’s aged and your thoughts on wear and the wallet’s general practicality.

    Thank you so much!!
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  8. Hi Ali. I have a Dogon, dual color wallet. I really like it, especially for traveling because I will only carry a license and a couple of credit cards as opposed to being at home with many more cards. It fits a passport too, helpful for those inevitable European Hermes shopping trips. :smile: Mine is togo too, but the insert is done in swift in a light color. To be honest, I wish it was all togo because swift, especially light colored, is delicate for the abuse a wallet takes. So long as you can carry what you need, the togo Dogon won’t disappoint you and it’s beautiful enough to be used as a small clutch.
  9. My Dogon wallet is 6 years old (bought in 2012) and I still use it. It fits a huge amount of things yet it’s not bulky (I have a Constance long wallet as a comparison), and I love the separate coin pouch. I use it separately whenever I’m carrying my c18 and my wallets are too big.
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  10. IMHO, wallets will eventually show some signs of use -- they are a SLG that gets daily use. If you love it, use it, enjoy it, don't worry -- any marks will show it was loved and used, as it should be.
  11. Agree totally!! This has ended up being a super versatile wallet, even years later. I use the separate zipper pouch as a card holder in my Jige and roulis, even works great in a B30 when I want to keep weight down. I still want to add another color but haven’t done so b/c I haven’t “needed” to replace it. But when does that ever stop me with H???
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  12. Just a suggestion, I don't keep my credit cards in the two outside pockets & I don't keep the extra zippered
    pouch in the wallet. I keep my credit cards in the 3 slots & my money there. I keep the extra
    zippered pouch in my bag for loose change & receipts.
    I have several dogon wallets & they were well & purposely chose this style because the credit cards
    can be hidden the way I use it.
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  13. Thanks so much for all of your advice. I wanted this to be a daily workhorse.. and I think it’s just not the right style for me. I loved it in theory.. but practically, it just wasn’t going to work.
  14. It’s good you know the Dogon is not for you. You aren’t the first person to fall out of love with something Hermes and it’s great you realized it so soon so you can fix the mistake. I really like the Hermes Bearn wallet too, but my favorite daily use, work horse wallet is...not from Hermes at all. It’s the Louis Vuitton Adele wallet. Very hard to find but worth it. Wears like iron, fits a ton, but stays slim. I’ve used the same one for years and it’s still great.
  15. I have an LV zippy wallet right now and it been a great wallet! It’s worn beautifully and is very practical. I just can’t see the monogram anymore. I’m now watching about 10 bearns on eBay. (Love eBay) and it looks like I can save about a 1000 or more going down this route!! Can you share photos of yours? Would love to see!