Doggy Birthday Party....

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  1. Has anyone ever had a birthday party for their dog?? My dog will be 4 on July 2nd...I have many friends with dogs so I thought it would be fun to have a birthday party for her(and a good excuse to get everyone together). My boyfriend thinks I am really over doing it and that a new toy and a little dog bakery birthday cake like we have done in the past will be fine. :confused1:
  2. I think it's a great idea! A few years ago when my Kiki turned two I had a party. We grilled out, decorated with balloons, had a lovely cake, and handed out gift bags at the end of the party. I invited about 15 people, but only one brought her dog, although everyone was invited to bring their furry children.

    I know your little one will appeciate the party!
  3. We had a small bbq party when my dog turned 1. Some of my friends who have dogs brought theirs as well. I think its reasonable and you are not overdoing it. Tell ur bf to just treat it as a normal bbq/gathering with some furry babies around? :shrugs:
  4. ^^Your doxie looks like my little Nikki.

    Anyway, we had a dachshund bday party for my bil when his daxie turned 1. It was so much fun. We had the Dog Club theme and even handed out doggie bags(no pun intended).
  5. I've seen stories on Animal Planet where breeders who sell their litter of puppies will have a party for the new "parents" and the pups--it always looks like they have a great time. I think it's a fun idea and good socializing for the dogs (as well as people!).
  6. Our mini dachshund's birthday is two days after my BF's birthday. One year I had a party for my BF, and then we just left the decorations up and had one for the dog a couple days later. It was a lot of fun, and the dog had a blast! I'm thinking about doing that again this year!
  7. That would be so much fun. I might do that for my boy chi who turns 1 in june. For my girl chi I just got a number candle and put in her food bowl.

  8. I am new to the forum but I just had to respond to your post...

    Having a doggy birthday party is soooo much fun!!!

    I have 2 Yorkies named Paris and we are planning a big party for all the yorkies in our dog group in August. I think it will be a blast if it is kept in perspective. Host the party with the expectation that it is for your doggy...not that it is for a child. Invite your friends, invite their doggies.... get a doggy cake and have fun!!

    We found some great fabric at JoAnn's that has Doggy Birthday Party theme to use as a table cloth for the doggy cake. :smile:

    I'll keep checking back, hope you post some pictures! :smile:

    (and Paris & Paris)
  9. I have never thrown a party for our dog, but have been to a few for other dogs. It is the cutest thing! Each dog had their own "cupcake", so there wouldn't be any fighting. All the dogs got loot bags with a toy, some treats, a bandana, etc. It really was cute and the owners had a great time too!
  10. I am really embarrassed to admit that I have done this several times. I also put up a doggie xmas tree every year too.
  11. HubbaWubba, You Rock!!

    I am collecting all kinds of little crystal doggie accessories (hair barrettes, etc...) to make a little doggie Christmas tree for my Yorkies. I always have little pressies under the tree for them but their special...they really deserve a tree just for them too!!

    Keep up the great work!!
  12. Ooohh u're so nice...I will do it this year~

    Thanks for the great suggestion :tup:
  13. I used to throw annual bday parties for my beloved pug. It was really another excuse for a major cocktail party in late January when people were missing the fun of Xmas parties.

    People were encouraged to bring their small dogs. Several always did. Very fun.

    I usually did something dog/pug oriented for the party. One year it was to ask guests to bring limericks about dogs and read them at the party. That was a major hoot!

    Another year I posted Burma Shave signs on the fence directing guests to our condo. Each one ended with my pug's name: Hunny Bunny!

    Been out in the woods playing with froggies?
    You'll get no warts from these little doggies!
    Hunny Bunny!

    To say Happy Birthday to a dog teenie weeny
    Just step right in and hoist your martini to
    Hunny Bunny!

    By the time guests got to our front door, they were laughing and in a great party mood.

    The most recent party was at the end of the year of the monkey. We created limericks quoting our love of mischevous monkey creatures and bemoaned the arrival of the year of the conservative, boring rooster. Major fun.

    I always provided doggie biscuits. Guests often brought gifts for my pug. Hats were popular.

    Never miss an opportunity to throw a dog-inspired cocktail party!!!
  14. I have. It's a lot of fun. I agree it's a great reason to get the family together. Your babies are adorable! Is one a shih/lhasa or peke? He's adorable! My baby is a shih/peke, 4 years old.
  15. We (me and my pal Reggie) went to a Doggie Halloween Party once. The invitations were to the dogs.

    It was a blast. There were human and pet treats. Activities and games (with the dogs involved) and because it was Halloween the dogs (and some peole) were in costume - there was a costume contest. I think all the dogs in costumes got a prize. Reg got "Best Costume" for his Elvis (70's jumpsuit - homemade by me)

    The dogs knew the party was all about them - it was a fun time. I say go for it!

    Maybe you coud have a 4th of July barbeque themed party.