Dog the Bounty Hunter... cancelled.

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  1. So Dog has been cancelled due to his repeated use of racist remarks directed at his son's girlfriend. I was somewhat surprised to hear of this. DH and I always watched the show and thought him and Beth were hilarious. But, wow. What a piece of crap he is. And then he issued an apology following the tape's leak... and he assumes everything will be ok after that? No. It's disgusting. There should be no mercy and I hope they do not ever bring back his show.
  2. Good..I never liked him anyways...stupid racist..
  3. Trashy. And how could he have NOT known something like that could get leaked? IMO it was like he was asking for it.
  4. Bummer I watch that show too. What did he say, well what happened? Don't tell me what he said.
  5. That's too bad, I thought Dog was a good humanitarian for Hawaii, trying to get rid of drugs and all. It's too bad he ruined his television career, he has no one to blame but himself. And his son Tucker is a piece of $hit for selling out his own father. Dog was wrong for using the n word and deserves to be punished for it, but getting blindsided by your own son is the worse punishment. Dog did alot for that kid and this is what he gets. Tucker is the :devil:.

  6. Ehh... I don't agree with that. But hey, everyone has their own opinion. If Dog didn't make those remarks... there would have been nothing to "sell him out" about. That tape of Dog's rant is horrendous... far worse than anyone else's that has come out recently.
  7. Well the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

    Bad mouth Mullet Man Dog deserves to pay for his say and the worse punishment ever is having a rat fink for a son.
  8. I never watched the show but I hear the bleeped out tape on TMZ. He should not have a show. Not sure if it the end of his career, Imus is back on the air.
  9. I used to really like this show (I'm a huge fan of trash). I haven't seen the tape though, what exactly does Dog say? Or where could I see it?
  10. I was so deceived! I would never have thought he was racist!
  11. My hubby and I were floored by this...his mentor is black for crying out loud and Dog(Duane) is a Christian...I am so shamed and disappointed with him right now. The scripture is correct: Out of the heart the mouth speaks.
  12. TMZ has a censored version but look up the uncensored version on google. When I heard the censored version I didn't realize how bad it was because you can't quite understand what he's saying. Then when you hear the real thing... you're in shock.

    Anyone watch him on Hannity & Colmes last nite? I hate people's apologies. It's like... your only apologizing because you got caught and everyone hates you... that's why your sorry. You've been saying all this before and didn't give it a second thought but now that the cats outta the bag you want to take it back. PUH-LEASE. And then they always throw that "but I have black friends" thing in there. :rolleyes: Boo on dog. He's going to be on Larry King tonite so keep an eye out for that!
  13. sorry but i don't think that it is his son's fault at all. people should be conscious of what they say no matter who they are around. he is a real a-hole for talking like that and i hope they never air his show again! what imus said was bad but the extent was not as bad as this.
    i actually watched this show alot but never again! i'd rather watch the 3 chicks...
  14. he's been doing the "Apology circuit".
    Where does he stand now? Will he get his show back?
  15. Not that he doesn't deserve what's coming to him but I really was surprised at how quickly his show got canceled. It was practically instant. I wonder if he even has a chance at forgiveness.