Dog Coats: Do Your Pets Fuss ?

  1. Do any of you use dog coats, if you do, do they fuss whenever you try to put them on?

    My dog, Nicky has a raincoat and a fleece, she doesn't like them much, but she doesn't fuss either.
  2. Here's a similar thread to this...

    But to answer the questions in this post, my dog has two of them, a sherpa-lined suede one and then a nylon burberry one. I dont know if he likes it or not but he doesn't mind it, I'll put it on him and he'll still go on doing his normal stuff. He sleeps with it on too so I dont he hates it
  3. If it is cold by baby chi will leave it on. If she gets hot, she gets out of it. It is hard to find clothes to fit her since she is a baby.
  4. We have two dogs who wear coats. We started putting them on before we took them for a walk, and WOW--they LOVE their coats!!!
  5. crunchy doesn't mind at all. she lets me do anything i want to her!
  6. Maya doesn't mind at all if she's outside with us, or on a walk. But if she's in the house she'll bite at it.
  7. Mine LOVES to be dressed. He has LOTS of clothes (over 50 total). He has sweaters and coats and some t-shirts. I just hold up the sweater and he pretty much dresses himself. When I pick up his sweater he puts his head in the head hole and then he puts both front paws in the holes himself. He has VERY thin fur so he likes them to keep him warm. I usually only dress him when he goes outside. I started dressing him when he was a puppy. I am not sure if that is why he likes it that he is just so used to it. I bought him shoes and he HATED them. He would just keep kicking them off. They did not last very long. He also loves to be carried in a bag or to be pushed in a doggy stroller. He is a VERY spoiled baby. Saturday will be 8 years since we found him left on the animal hospitals door step as a puppy.:love:
  8. My dog doesn't mind coats, but he doesn't enjoy walks without shoes in winter. He doesn't like to have chunks of salt and snow stuck on his paws and tries to lick it off every other step. When he has shoes on he just runs and runs and runs!!
  9. Whenever I take Nicky out in the snow, she cries because of the salt on the ground, so we try to avoid it as much as possible. Beljwl, your dog sounds so adorable! It's a very cute story! We tried shoes too, she HATED them, and they were very loud too, so we gave up on them. :p
  10. I try to put them on my dog, but we struggle to put them on... he has them on for about a week. He tries to take them off by rolling around on the ground and purposely getting stuck with branches that fell from trees.
  11. I have sweaters for my pups, and they actually love them. When I put them on,sthey push their head inside to help me ;) It's cute
  12. Aw, that's so adorable. When we first got a sweater for my dog, she had no idea what it was for, and she was a little apprehensive about having it put on her.
  13. At first my chi hated it. Then anytime I would take her somewhere i would put a sweater/coat on her and her harness. So after she got used to it any time she saw me grab her sweater and she heard the clinking of the tags on her harness she knew she was going somewhere. It is called conditioning. She hates to wear cloths around the house, she rolls around and rubs her body on the couch.
  14. i have two chi's one is 5 pounds and other 7. Since they were puppys I dressed them up in everything sold at the dog store, including shoes. my favorite line of dog clothes is littl lily. I think it really depends on your pets personality.
  15. Since I have not figured out how to post pictures yet. If you want to see my spoiled baby here are some VERY cute pictures of him.


    Let me know what you think of them