Doesn't Hurt to Ask ...

  1. Yesterday I went to Macy's in Walnut Creek (SF Bay Area) and bought some bags for the pre-sale. One of those bags was a fumo campeggio. It turned out that it was marked down 50% off, then I got the 25% pre-sale discount as well. I think it came out to $60 in the end. I asked her to check some other fumo and notte pieces but they were regular price. The SA wasn't sure why it was marked down as there were no signs of wear.

    But I just figured if you were going down to Macy's it doesn't hurt to ask the prices of items you're on the fence about. You never know if they're (secretly) marked down or not. :yes:
  2. what an awesome deal!!!!!
  3. Did you by any chance see a Spiaggia Cucciolo there.? That is where I did my charge send from and they said they only had one. The SA "said" that the Tokidoki was on presale but was unable to do both a charge send and a 25% off. She said I could do it down here though. But of course I have no idea what my placement is.
  4. oooh very nice Mama22boys!!
  5. awesome deal! that's so cheap for a campeggio :shocked:

    Also I mentioned it before in another thread but I learned that different shipments go on sale at different times so while they're the same bag they could've been from 2 different shipments and only the bags from shipment A would get marked down when shipment B wouldn't :shrugs:
  6. wow, that's like $100 off, mama22boys!! sweet deal!!
    &interesting info, tehlilone..hmmm
  7. wawahki -- sorry i didn't see any spiaggia cucciolo's there.

    thanks everyone!
  8. OMG so lucky!!! good for you