Does your handbag tastes differ as you age?

  1. I'm just wondering as my lovely SA said this has happens to many clients. First they ALL want birkins, etc. Then they later evolve to kellys, plumes, and other shapes.

    Granted my minature family is youthful (especially w/ the latest addition:shame: ). But I can't imagine getting rid of any member...:crybaby:
  2. Interesting HL ! you certainly don't have to unless it's neccessary to rid some of the beloved ones... I'm like that too at first, always wanted a birkin, birkins, birkinss...then the Kellys...then some other H style bags (on the hunt now !) far I've pass 2 birkins and 1 Kelly (sellier) to my other family members and sold 1 Bolide.
  3. h.l with some people I feel it does. We all have to start somewhere with Hermes be it when we're very young or later. And educate ourselves with what we love and enjoy about the styles.

    As time goes on, you tend to use what works for you but it's hard to know unless you've lived with a style for awhile.
  4. Yep, I know my taste will change. I already have some styles reserved for my later years.
  5. My taste may change as far as colors are concerned, but I don't think it will change concerning the style of bag. Right now I like kellys, birkins, evelynes, bolides, and the constance, so I pretty much run the gamut. BUt I think as I get older, I will want more sedate, neutral colors instead of the bold colors I like now.
  6. This is funny that you posted this now. Last night I went to bed thinking, hm, isn't it interesting that I was so crazy about birkins a few years ago, but now I think the Kelly bag is nicer? I use my birkins all the time, but whenever I think of buying another bag, it's always a Kelly. I think Kelly is around for the long haul, thank goodness. I don't think I'll ever want another handbag other than Hermes, though. Bad news for my pocketbook!
  7. I've always loved the Kelly and will probably carry one when I am 90. I have developed an interest in the Birkin, bolide and massai but I blame tPF rather than age! All these H bags are timelesss and I am sure I will enjoy for years.
  8. Great thread!!!!! This exact thing has happened to me! What I thought i'd love and use a lot sometimes turns out not to be the case after all! And, at this stage of the game, I think about getting older when considering an addition to my collection.......this is why certain colors, constructions AND styles don't come home with me. :s
  9. It's funny; I think my tastes have definitely flip-flopped over the years. My first love with Hermes was a Kelly, then I found that Birkins suited my lifestyle better, now I'm back in love with the Kelly. I have definitely included other styles to fit other needs--i.e., more casual H-shoulder bags and the GPT, but I love them all.

  10. I think there is a correlation here. Many young people want Birkins because of the ultimate "IT" bag status. We are still trying to prove ourselves to ourselves and society up to a certain age. Once we "find ourselves" at whatever age...we buy what works best for us and care less about the "IT" and status factor and more about overall quality and lifestyle fit.
  11. I'm not sure what will change for me, lol...maybe my taste in color (as in, when I get older, I might be more into neutrals...though as of now, I'm doubting it :biggrin:).

    Right now, I love the Bolide, the Birkin, and sellier Kellys. But I also like the Massai, Trim, and the Picotin (would love to have a big white one!!!).

    I know right now I really don't care for ostrich, maybe one day I'll like that! And one day, hopefully, I'll be able to buy croc :biggrin: Croc will definitely be reserved for my older years, lol, since I won't be able to BUY it before then!!! I think my only youth exotic purchase will be a small Lizard kelly, and maybe a single croc accessory, if and when I can afford it :p
  12. For me, as I get older and have a better understanding of my style, I realize that I'm more drawn to bags that are more rectangular in shape or with four defined corners ... for that reason, I rarely use my Bolide and I'm thinking of selling it!
  13. well, I'm already "older" and I love my birkin. But that's because it's very casual and I can throw anything into it, and right now I live a very busy life on the go. As I move through life, I think I will end up with lighter bags. I think the older I get the more I will be comfortable with color, because the older you get, the more you don't care about what other people think, it's all about comfort, and what you like. That's why you often see little old ladies with outlandis outfits. They don't care what we think, they just like it.
  14. I'd love to know who's had the longest relationship with Hermes in this forum and if they will ever buy a bag other than H!
  15. I think that the biggest changes with age will be size and color. The need/desire for large size and bright color will give way to something smaller/lighter and more neutral. Although I will always enjoy my rainbow interior hidden away!