Does your breakout comes in pair?

  1. I notice something weird about my skin lately. My skin has been breaking out in pairs or triplets!! And I have them in weird places too like in the eyebrow or aound it, near the ear and at the back of the ear. I do get them on common spots like the nose, chin and cheeks. FYI, I cleanse my face thoroughly every morning and night. I'm not sure if it's just me or it happens to other people too.
  2. It definitely happens to me too, you are NOT alone!!! I've also noticed that my zits are symmetrical. If I get one on the left side of my chin, I'll get another one on the right side of my chin in the same exact spot. Odd. :confused1:
  3. This has been happening lately to me too. It's so frustrating, and I don't understand why. But at least you know you aren't alone!
  4. Oh tell me about it. I have a row like in a straight vertical line down my face starting from the hairline, forehead, inbetween eyebrows, tip of nose and my chin!! Or, it can be all in the right side or left. Arghhhhh...
  5. It's driving me nutssssss!!! I feel like pulling my hair out! LOL
  6. thats funny you mention that because i had a pimple which i thought was very huge, only to find out there was two of them!!

    they are drying out now, but still that was odd. never had that before
  7. Me too!!! :hysteric:
  8. How about quints or sextuplets? HORRIBLE!
    Just when one is going away... another will appear. I haven't been able to use my Retin-A since being pregnant and I'm dying to get back on it!!
  9. Yes, my skin does that too. It's like little patches develop.

  10. LMAO I am going through this right now. The Mint Julep Mask is helping to dry them out.
    Hey at least it's symmetrical...LOL

    Op - You are not alone for sure!
  11. Thats happen to me Quite a lot lol... :lol:
  12. i am going throught this right now too...i am trying everything to get my face to clear up...i sware when i break out i really break out....but normally my face is clear but once one appears its like my face knows and more just show up...i hate it!!!
  13. I find certain food I eat gives my break outs or Monthlys
  14. my skin has been acting up lately. i rarely break out, but i've been getting the pairs and triplets lately, and lucky me last week i had a triplet ON MY NOSE :cursing:. i got out of the shower, had a look,and there was basically a mini face made up of nasty red zits staring back at me from the end of my nose. like finals aren't bad enough :push:.
  15. I used to have perfect skin but two years ago, my skin started breaking out like crazy!! I think it's the stress and all the food I eat :sad:
    Mine comes in pairs too! It's soo annoying. My T-zone is the worst!