Does White gold or Platinum really matter for earrings?

  1. I know that for a ring, I would much prefer platinum as I hear white gold, if you like the white look, needs to be plated with rhodium to maintain that color and to prevent the yellow from showing through. The plating will wear off with wear and rings take a lot of beating. But for earrings does it make any difference since it does not wear as much? Does the greyish color of the platinum make the diamond appear to shine brighter and whiter? Thanks!
  2. ^uuum, NO idea what you're talking about w/ the yellow. . . {?}
    My wedding ring is 8 yrs old has been worn everyday, to the gym, beach vacays and everywhere else and is pure white still.
    White gold actually maintains it's luster longer than platinum IMO. . . that's initially why we chose it.
    Platinum starts to look a little like sterling to me after a long time wearing.

    But for your ears? I'd wouldn't pay for platinum.
  3. ^It depends on individual body chemistry, too. Some vintage white gold jewelry stays pure white while some white gold pieces begin showing yellow after a few months of wear, so you're lucky!

    Another reason to choose platinum for rings is because the prongs holding diamonds will be more durable. Our rings get knocked around a lot while we use our hands on a daily basis.

    So I think it's fine to go with white gold for earrings, since yellowing is not as noticible and they don't get scractched and dinged like rings do.
  4. I've never ever heard that. We kind of buy jewelry a lot, even often from a broker that lets us in the safe and everything, weird that this is this first time I've heard this!
  5. I have a BIg issue with wearing white gold. My first engagement ring was white gold the yellow would start showing thru in a matter ow weeks which is WAY faster than normal so my body chemistry and white gold rings do not mix. That being said . . . almost all of my earrings are white gold and it is no problem at all. I have a pair of studs I wear almost daily for over 2 years and there is not even a hint of yellow. So I would go with white gold over platinum. Besides, I have always been afraid that the weight of platinum earrings would stretch the earrlobes
  6. One of my friend's mom is owns a jewelry store and she helped me out when I try to find diamond stud earrings. She said if you are picking out a ring go with the platium because you wear it every single day and it will show over time the difference with white gold. She said always go with platium in rings and necklace if you are strong acid(maybe base? which one turns it to a darker color?)

    BUT for earrings, because it is so small, it is actually better to go with white gold because it is not as heavy and it will not "hurt" your ears. And you can not really tell a different and it is sorta of a waste to get platium for earring..

    Hope this helps~!!... =)
  7. My white gold wedding ring has to be replated every so often because the yellow does show through after a while. But only on the outside of the back of the ring. Weird, huh? I guess they don't make it like they used to. Swanky, you're lucky yours doesn't turn. Every 18 months or so I send it in for replating and polishing.
  8. i think it is an individual preference. i have had to go to platinum because of an allergy. i have lately heard that there is a white gold made without nickel so that might be a possibility.

    i own three pairs of platinum earrings and they are not a problem. one pair are small hearts on fire studs. they are beautiful but i was stupid and paid premium price for the brand. i would not do that again. it was before i found better sources of buying my jewelry. small town living offers virturaly no platinum earrings and i bought what was available at the time. the second pair are 1.5 carat diamond huggies and the third are three carat and something (can't remember off the top of my head) in and out hoops.

    i was concerned with the weight factor on the hoops (they were being made) and the jeweler assured me they would not be too heavy. they are fine as i don't wear them 24/7.

    i do read pricescope and have heard many testimonies on the yellowing factor of white gold. i have not seen it myself. hope this helps.
  9. Gold is yellow. We all know this, but a lot of people don't realize that the mixture of materials to make gold "white" can be unstable and wear away with time. Platinum is definitely best for rings because of the strength factor of the prongs. As far as earrings, I'm a platinum snob and freely admit it. I have 1/2 carat diamond studs (per ear- 1 carat total) set in platinum. They don't feel any different than when I had yellow gold and white gold. I prefer the platinum because it's hypoallergenic and since I take my studs out to shower, the friction of removing the nut and putting it back on after I shower every day doesn't wear down the stud's post, so it's much more secure.

    My two cents worth...
  10. the reason the rings turn yellow for some is do to the alloys used in the white gold making process. some combos are not very white and are electroplated with rhodium or palladium to make them whiter. we all know plated jewelry wears thus the need for some to re-plate is obvious when the yellow starts showing. i suspect that the metal composition of swanky's and some white gold rings i own that have not yellowed either (after 40 years) is different than the composition of those that are plated and require periodic re-plating or dipping as some people call it. different alloys are used for strength, malleability and other reasons. my understanding anyway.

    i don't know how to do a link except to e-mail addresses so here is the address of an article that explains the metal composition and the electroplating process. in case anybody is interested:

    or just google composition of white gold.
  11. i've white gold diamond studs that i wear 24/7 for 10 years now. they were my mother's and the colour hasn't changed since the day she got them.
  12. When I bought diamond studs I chose platinum because I knew I'd be wearing them just about every day. For dressier earings that don't get as much use I buy white gold.
  13. I agree, I think the determining factor is what works best with your body chemistry, I think some people have problems with white gold or platinum in their ears. If you don't have a prob. with white gold than I say go with that, I don't think it's nec. to pay for Plat. it the ears......especially with the martini setting that you barely even see, with studs the point it to see the sparkle and nothing else IMO.