does tofu go bad?

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  1. i have some lite firm tofu in the fridge... expiration date is july 26.. so it's a bit old... do u think it's bad...?

    i'm always scared of eating expired things, but with some of these foods... it's good for a while after the date...
  2. If it smells slightly sour, it probably has gone bad.
  3. LOL! don't eat it!!! That was a few weeks ago, if it was a matter of a day or two, maybe.
  4. Please don't eat it! You'll get the runs.:sad:
  5. If it is still sealed, open it up and give it a sniff. If you regularly eat tofu, your nose will tell you for SURE if it's OK or not. Those dates are guidelines for the grocery stores moreso than the consumers. While it is still a good practice to adhere to them, sometimes it's overkill and CYA from lawsuits.

    Trust your nose! ;)
  6. I second that, smell it and it smells funky toss it. I heard too many horror stories about people eating food that's gone bad.
  7. July 26? Throw it out! Tofus are cheap to buy. It's not worth it to get sick over. And plus tofu is very delicate and will spoil easily.
  8. From experience, Tofu can spoil pretty quickly and when you cut it in half, it has a weird odor... so if you smell that, avoid it.

    I made a whole dish from Tofu once and then when I sat down to eat it, I realized that it was spoiled. eeek.
  9. Tofu does go bad indeed. Yeah just smell it and if it does smell sour you'll know it's gone bad.
  10. anything past expiry, don't eat it! it is best to be safe than sorry!
  11. yes please dont eat something thats is THAT me, I know...I was sick for two weeks straight (couldn't eat anything) after having just a tiny bit of old stuffing...
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