Does this seem right to you?

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  1. As people on here know I have just paid for a LE Black Patent/red beads spy from Selfridges. Fendi told Selfridges yes they could get me this bag their was one in China and to take full payment. I have got a call today telling me the spy in China has been sold and their is no more, so although Fendi told Selfridges to take payment for the bag they had already sold it.

    I find this very wrong, not on Selfridges part who have been wonderful and helpful, and who are as upset about it as me, but find Fendi behaviour very bad.

    The latest is Selfridges have been in touch with the head buyer in Italy saying how upset I am and she has put the Case before Mrs. Fendi something, cannot say her last name who is head of Fendi. Find the whole thing so annoying and upsetting
  2. That is very annoying. Sounds like maybe they had it out on the sales floor and didn't pull it, or otherwise some VIP came in and a salesperson snatched it even though it was already spoken for. Whoever is responsible for that should be reprimanded. You are obviously an excellent customer of theirs, so this is a bad move on their part!
  3. Oh Saich! That is just horrible!:wtf:

    I think Mrs Fendi Watchamajigger owes you a special order patent beaded spy bag...and an apology!!

    I feel your pain, so sorry this happened to such a nice lady :heart: :heart:
  4. Thanks Baglady and Litigatrix, I am gutted to say the least, have so much trouble trying to get these LE bags it seems to always turn into a nightmare. Just feel the whole thing is not right, if you pay for something would think that was a contract between the buyer and seller so you would have thought Fendi would honour this, but I think the problem is LE spy means just that they make so many then their is no more. Their was only 10 of these bags worldwide.
  5. Maybe the VIP was Mr Lau!!!!(hermes thread!)
  6. Well, it *is* a contract! There is no reason the stores should not be able to communicate and realize that you have not only ordered it, but actually PAID for it, and put the dang thing aside for you!
  7. oh NON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It doesn't seem right to me : if the bag was sold to you it couldn't be sold to someonelse...even a VIP IMO :sad:((((
    I'm so sorry for you Saich :sad: !!!!!!
  8. Oh, Saich! I am so sorry. :sad: That sucks! It is awful customer service, especially for this to happen to someone who is so loyal to and loves Fendi. I hope they make it right and find you this very bag. :heart:
  9. That IS terrible customer service ... considering that the bag was already paid for! I definitely hope that someone at Fendi will make it up to you and find you another ASAP! Wishing you all the best!
  10. I find the whole thing very distasteful, as far as I am concerned when taking the money they did go into a contract which is now broken. I got another phone call last night and they are still waiting to here back from Italy, will see what happens today and then going to start writing some letters.
  11. I think that's just not right. We'll just have to wait for an appropriate reply from Italy.
  12. Aw sweetie, so sorry to hear about this! :sad:I know how much you wanted this fabulous Spy!:yes:

    Fendi owe you BIG time, especially since you such a valued, loyal and wonderful's nice to hear that Selfridges have been good to you though. That's the bonus of dealing with departement store concessions I guess. Let us know how you get on hun!;)
  13. oh that is just not right. So sorry to hear that Saich, and then the bag becomes even more wanted by you as it is proving so hard to get the bag. I completely agree, you paid so you automatically feel like this bag is now legally yours :sad:

    really, really hope it works out, can you keep us posted on anything you hear back.

    crossing my fingers for you here.
  14. The latest on this is I got a phone call yesterday from the really nice manager and SA of Selfridges, Mrs. Fendi had step in after hearing what has happen and has got me the bag, meant to be here in 10 working days because of Easter, but will believe it when I see it. Did right a letter of complaint to Selfridges telling them this should not have been done to me, also stateing it was not the SA or managers fault but the fault of someone in Rome.

    Thanks everyone for your kind words, lets hope it turns up this time and I like it if it does come.
  15. That's great news, Saich! I'm very excited to see pics when it comes! I'm glad everything worked out in the end:smile: