does this really happen to all YSL Muse bags? stitching problems (thread from 2006)

  1. i bought my large muse 3 weeks ago and the SA told me that the stitches in the bag (the large stitches that form the Y) will come loose in time. she said it's normal and that i shouldn't worry about it, since those stitches doesn't really hold the bag/leather together and are just details of the bag. besides, i can bring it to YSL anytime to have it repaired.

    i didnt mind then, but i didnt know it'll happen this soon! one of the stitches started getting loose already and i have to push it back to the hole all the time! :girlsigh:
  2. yep i have seen it happen on many other ysl muse bags too!
  3. Really? I have never heard about this but it's unfortunate, especially since the bag is touted to be such a classic!
  4. yeah... ill try to take pics later and post it here... (coz im not sure if it'll come out clear in pictures).
  5. It's distressing to me that a bag that costs 4 figures falls apart so soon (even if it's not really coming apart). I just don't think it should happen. I haven't started carrying my new anthracite Muse yet because during the summer I don't carry a bag as much, but I'm distressed that this is considered normal by YSL and that this might happen so soon to mine once the fall begins.
  6. hmmm hasn't happened to my anthracite yet, or at least i haven't noticed this. will check again. that's horrible!!! ugh. i may have to take the muse off my wish list. i wanted a chocolate but now i'm having second thoughts!
  7. whaat? ive never heard that.. thats not the quality you pay for AT ALL... hmm..sketchy
  8. i took pics already and guess what.....? i didnt know that 3 other stitches are already loose!! so now i have 4.. *sigh*
    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG
  9. Yikes! Take it back.
  10. ^ agreed. this is totally unacceptable for a bag of this price and reputation.
  11. Nooooooo!! :wtf:

    That's just terrible!!
  12. Wow, that's totally unacceptable!! Makes me think twice about getting one!
  13. oh my god... this shouldn't happen to a 1k bag. take it back! like everyone said, now it makes me think twice about getting one too!
  14. I'm so sorry this is happening LuvsLV! I think you should return it.

    For what its worth, I've had NO problems with my Muse and I haven't heard of this defect before.

    Just curious, did you purchase your bag at a YSL boutique in the Phillipines or elsewhere?
  15. ^^ thanks girls... Cosmopolitan, i bought it from YSL hongkong (harbour city) that's why returning it is not an option for me... sending it back to HK would cost me so much money (i think), and i dont think the YSL botique here in the philippines would accept returns if the merchandise wasn't bought here (consumer rights in our country sucks big time). also, the SA (who was by the way really nice and helpful) clearly told me about this and because i wanted the bag so much, i said it won't be a problem with me. she told me that a YSL craftsman can repair it anytime i go back to HK. i hate it that this is happening to my muse but i really wanna keep the bag.... :smile: so girls, this is something you should really consider before buying one. =)