Does this look stupid or HOT!?

  1. Please let me know what you really think. The MC charm with gold hardware with the epi speedy 25 silver hardware. Love it or hate it?
  2. Opps forgot the pics. Here you go.
    Red Epi Speedy.jpg
  3. It's stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!
  4. LOVE it!!:love: Congrats,Joann12127!:yahoo:
  5. of course it HOT! Love it!
  6. I'm personally not a fan- gorgeous bag though!
  7. I like it! looks good, except that... I think it's a bit busy with tPF charm............... (please don't ban me lol.....:push:smile:
  8. i think it would a little better if you use one or the other...but i love your speedy
  9. I think it looks great!
  10. i definitely like it more if it was using only 1 charm at a time. but both match it perfectly! the red speedy is so pretty.
  11. I like it!
  12. same here :sad:
  13. It actually looks really good in my opinion :yes:
  14. I think it looks gorgeous!
  15. Honestly, I too think it looks good sans the tPF charm. :smile: