Does this look like the color rust?

  1. Hi. Would you consider this an accurate depiction of the color rust in lambskin?

    Chanel Bag.JPG
  2. Looks more like cognac/caramel/chestnut color to me - gorgeous bag though!
  3. That's what I thought too. Could it be the lighting? I *love* the color in the picture, but I am worried about the actual color because the SA described it as light brown.
  4. It's gorgeous but I don't trust the color in the pic anymore.
  5. I have searched to forum for the color rust and have only come up with 2 pictures. UGH...It is so hard to make a decision with a picture and a description varying so much. Anyone have a picture they could share?
  6. they name the colors weird often, go by the SA's description, not the color Chanel names it:yes:
    Looks like a cognac or light tobacco to me, a little too ruddy for a true camel IMO.
  7. ooh looks orange to me...nice bag.