Does this look familiar?

  1. ^^^Yes, that's home!!!!
  2. Sigh, I love HG's home.
  3. mothership?
  4. oui
  5. Wish I could visit!!!
  6. Interesting. They call it art deco, more post-modern, I think?
  7. :drool:
  8. Wow -- I didn't realize it was a McKim, Mead + White building! I took a seminar on them in college. If I had known, I definitely would've written about it!
  9. *sigh* Thanks, Vlad.....
  10. Heaven on earth.

  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    :supacool: ( I need to see a therapist to get a cure for H, addiction)
  12. LOVE IT!
  13. Thanks Vlad, my heart skipped a beat!~
  14. I want to be there one day!