Does the Pégase 60 fit airline carry-on guidelines?

  1. Or if not the 60, would the Pégase 50 work as a carry on item?

    I can't believe I'm considering this -- but I am! :nuts: My only hesitation will be that occasionally the airlines will valet check my bag on those small airlines that don't have overhead compartments and I would hate to have that happen to a piece like this...

    Thanks in advance! (I'm half-hoping they are too big to carry on.)
  2. When I was in NICE,France ...The manager at LV said only the small one can be used as carry on.....I asked...always wanted to buy one!!
  3. The SA at the Saks near me said that only the 50 is small enough for a carry on, and now I'm determined to get one!
  4. Thank you for the replies! I'm going to go look more closely at the 50 then!
  5. My Sa said the 60 and 50 were acceptable:weird:,I want one too. I looked at them last month.
  6. American Airlines' limit is 45 linear inches, so the Pegase 60 comes in at 44.5 in, so it'd be just under, perhaps too large for other airlines. btw, the 50 comes in at 41.3, so it's not much smaller but would cause less arguments with flight attendants!
  7. I'm also interested! Thanks for the info....maybe the 50 then....
  8. that is what i know too and in fact i never ever had problems with the 60 in europe and in the middle east do not know about the us :flowers:
  9. I was told the 60 can below can go on the plane, but check with the airline you are flying with... when I went to Boston my main priority was to find an airline that would allow my luggage, all were different. So I chose Trans Air... it was great but what I am confused about is if the carry on doesnt fit through their little machine thing to view whats in side... then yeah it gets checked but when I was in MI departing to Atlanta cuz of the lay over... the machine thing here was huge, u could fit a person through it lol but leaving boston to come home, the machine thing was small... so I thought about that the whole way home, like if someone had a larger bag perhaps lv... and it wouldnt fit.. and it had to be checked and then worry if it is there or not when you get home or where ever you are going
  10. I am greatful that my MC keepall 45 fit through it... otherwise I would have walked home lol... I thought... well what if I would have bought the L'Extravagant... it would not fit on the way home but the way to boston it would... uhhh soo many stupid rules and crap
  11. right. i've never seen anybody pull out a measuring tape, but they sure can give a stink-eye and a quick snatch of your luggage if it LOOKS too big :rant: i'd go with the smaller and consider it less risk for harassment!