Does the outlets have good selection of scarves?

  1. Hi! I recently purchased the cashmere scarf (295) from Saks and I love it. I want to get one for my sister as well, has anyone seen any good scarves @the outlet stores?
  2. Last time I was at the outlets was during Memorial week- they had a decent number of scarves at that time. How far are you from an outlet (drive wise)?
  3. I was at the woodbury outlets today and they had a ton of scarves. All different colors too.
  4. Do outlets ship?
  5. How much are scarves at the outlets? Can you tell a difference between them and ones bought from the regular store?
  6. Really? I'm actually out of state so let me know if they charge send. I'm looking for grey check
  7. Not sure if the burberry outlets ship.... I can call and ask tomorrow morning. Unless someone already knows the answer...
  8. hmm most expensive scarf i saw at vacaville burberry outlet was a wool/cashmere mixed scarf (long) in beige and pink for $129...
    then there are other stuffts on sale like shorter scarves made from wool(?) with other multicolor plaids for ~$50ish and up (navy, black, etc, etc)
  9. ^^ thanks for the info!

    do the cashmere check ones ever go on sale?
  10. They have the pastels, blue, pink, beige..but no original novachesk color..around$95 at Cabazon.
  11. supposedly novacheck doesn't go on sale much... at the outlets.. markdowns for other colors tho
  12. YES - the one in Michigan City, IN had a huge selection and all of them were on sale except the nova check style. Great prices, some though were obnoxious in colors and designs.
  13. Do you think they would send pics of the scarves? (cabazon) I really want onee!
  14. When I was up at Woodbury Commons last month they finally had the one I wanted, the cashmere in this really bright, grape-y purple. A lot of the more unconventional colors (pinks, greens, blues, oranges) are usually discounted at that particular outlet. It might be worth a call if you're willing to go with a special color instead of the Nova.
  15. I called the Cabazon outlet earlier and the SA said they have a lot right now and they also sold out of a lot too. No phone orders and no pics! =\