does the mini HL come in damier?

My knowledge of LV is only basic, so I don't know, but it would be a pity... The mini HL is so cute!
I should go to the boutique on Wednesday and ask, but I doubt that my store does SOs because it's kinda small...

John, how did the one on ebay look? was it cute?
As mentioned, I THINK it was a Damier Mini Sac HL... it looked really cute!

Also: I thought you could request a for a Special Order at any boutique, no matter what size? :shrugs:
Oopsie. I now read that you [the OP] asked if we've seen Damier AZUR Mini Sac HL.

I'm sorry. I have seen a regular Damier Mini Sac HL on eBay that was SO'd.
hhhm I'll go ask at the boutique about the mini HL getting discontinued, and also if and when I can do it in azur...

do any of you know how the pricing goes? The regular mono is 190 euro, so the SO would be something like 300, right? 1,5 times the regular price?