Does the MC Cles fit business cards, CC's and money?

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  1. I'm thinking about getting a MC cles. I went to go buy a cles a week and a half ago and ened up with a mini pochette. The mini is just not working for me. I need to carry my ID, CC and a few business cards will the MC cles do the job? Also if I use it on my keychain is there a good chance the monogram will wear off? TIA:smile:
  2. Umm i am not sure but the perfo cles works great for that!
  3. I can fit about 10 CC in my cles without problem.
  4. i can fit about 20 different cards in my mono cles without any problem. about 5 debit/credit cards, driver's license and the rest are membership/club cards, gift cards and discount cards :yes:
  5. I have the CB cles which is the same size as the MC cles.
    I think it's not very practical; I can fit a FEW cards in there and maybe a few coins, but the cles won't close nicely and will be bumpy...the mono cles on the other hand, I constantly have about 12 cards, lots of change, and maybe a few bills in there.
    As for the MC monogram, rubbing off is inevitable :smile:
  6. good info to know! I am in the middle about a MC cles and damier cles.
  7. Damier!
    I have the Damier cles and it's great for ccs, ids, cash, receipts, and coins. I have the Groom but don't want him to be scratched or anything. The Damier one can be thrown around and still looks like new!

  8. The perfo and charms hold the most they are a bit roomier, then mono and damier, then MC, the samllest is the vernis.