does the LV monogram vernis in pearl turn yellow?

  1. I really love LV's Monogram Vernis.. I would like to purchase the Monogram Vernis Rosewood in the color Pearl but I have read some where online that the bag does turn yellow in the long run, since pearl is basically white. Is this true? Are Vernis bags hard to take care of? can it be used as an everyday bag?

  2. sometimes, you run the risk of discoloration with lighter vernis colors. i have a marshmallow reade pm, very very light pink...there are spots on her that are turning yellow :sad: very sad.
  3. i love perle, but because of the discoloration factor i don't think i'll ever buy anything in that shade. it's definitely in need of more care because of the color. the vernis can be used as an every day bag, but i'd be extremely weary of purchasing this style in perle for an every day bag, just because the color is more delicate than the materials themselves.
  4. Vernis in light colours will need more care. From the past, light coloured Vernis do have the tendency of turning yellow, not sure if Pearl will do the same since it's still a pretty new colour. But for an everyday bag, you'll be safer with a darker colour.
  5. i've seen some really nasty perle...poor bag :sad: so yes, it has a tendancy to turn like other light vernis.
  6. Thanks! Urgh, you'll think LV would have learned from the past and produce colours which will not turn yellow.:tdown:
  7. I've got the Perle in Sunset Blvd and so far so good. That said, I haven't used her yet. She sits in her dustbag and box in one of my drawers. Seeing as the Melbourne weather is cool and generally dry, I think she'll be ok.