Does the keychain change its color after using a while!!

  1. i am just wondering when time goes on, does the metal of the keychain change its color?! will it become no shine just like the speedy's lock?!

    i have eye on the vuittonn keychain...but kinda worried about they loss their shine easily.

    thanks for help.:wlae:
  2. please help.:upsidedown:
  3. what kind of keychain it is?
  4. i have a MC cles and the chain faded with use. but i'm kinda rough on my things sooo... :P
  5. Yes, it does. The metal "tarnishes". But you can polish it.
  6. Yes, fading will occur...
  7. You can always polish it up, as long as the metal coating isn't chipped anywhere. If it's chipped, there really isn't anything to fix that.
  8. for pilishing, do i buy the brasso to polish it up?!

    and then it will looks shining as begining?!

  9. The keychain part of my CB cles, a portion of it has turned silver. I don't think it's fixable...just the finish fading off maybe? It's not tarnish--it's silver but ultra shiny.
  10. Yeah, if it's tarnished, you can use a tiny amount of brasso, just be really careful since it's not like the lock, which is removable.

    And like Karman said, if it's turning silver, that's just fading and won't be able to be helped.
  11. yes is dulls a little but it still looks really good! i'd say no worries. its a keychain.
  12. thank you ladies.

    i think i will get one immediately. :smile:
  13. :crybaby: My mono cles has faded but I use it like I use is very loved. As a matter of fact, it broke yesterday, the main link separated from the actual cles. I just fixed it w/a pair of pliers, and it's fine now. I think that this is the most used LV piece I have. I have about 3 other cles but for some reason I don't feel bad 'loving' this one too much.
  14. sorry, this question might seems so stupid...but i have heard many times about the cles...but i never own one...i am just wondering what is this for?
    is it a charm for bags? or thats a small bag when we just wanna put a lottle stuff inside? or thats a change pocket..

    what is that the main purpose for it?!

    thank you.
  15. \\

    Yes, it does. But theres nothing you can do about it...just how it is...seems like the prices we pay for these would be made not to tarnish and discolor!!!