Does the City sit up by itself??

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  1. I usually don't like big bags but I love the looks of the city..I am very picky about bags sitting up by themselves and not falling over. If any of you could give your opinions TIA!!
  2. It sits up if you have stuff inside of it. It doesn't stand up on it's own, no.
  3. Thanks elongreach!!
  4. The goat leather on these bags are very thin and delicately soft (but they are pretty sturdy), so the City won't be able to hold itself up since it's not a structured bag. If you just let the bag sits there w/o anything in it, the bag will collapse. That's why most people have a hard time photographing these bags w/o stuffing it. If you have things inside the bag, the bag will sit up more. KWIM?
  5. No. Unless you have it stuffed, it won't sit up. If it does, it's probably a fake. Just hang it, that's what I do. The strap is perfectly designed so that it hangs nicely over most chairs.

  6. No problem! It's really one of my favorite bags. It can fit a ton of stuff.:yes:
  7. ^^ lol, that's true powder!!! :true:
  8. oh i do like my b-bag getting floppy....
  9. That's what I love the most about b-bags. I love how they just slump into a pile of wonderful leather!!
  10. They are relaxed and happy bags...
  11. I dont like rigid structured bags, I just love when my bag falls into a puddle of leather. They just dont like posing for pictures though....
  12. :lol:

    Yep, they won't sit up on their own if not stuffed. They are SLOUCHY!
  13. :nuts: If you have the really smooshy, yummy old leather it won't sit up empty. I have all 05's because it is my favorite leather. I will confess a secret here, I stuff my bags with old clean white t-shirts and one fresh dryer sheet to store them or put them to bed (which everyday they go to bed no matter how long it takes to empty my stuff), and then when I take them out to go, if I don't need to bring alot of things with me I leave some of the shirts in the bottom to retain the shape of my City's and my Box. Now the only exception is my new 05 Turq Twiggy. Since I don't like the long shape, I prefer how it looks more empty and slouchy, so she can go out without stuffing. So here is a picture of my bags completely stuffed!

  14. ^Awww you take such good care of your bags Deana! Lucky babies.
  15. my work never sits up .... -_-"