does the brooke have structure?


Jun 21, 2009
I have several zoes and I like the way they sit and don't fall over and was considering a brooke and I'm wondering if the brooke has structure? I don't like purses that fall over when you sit them down, does this happen with the brooke?
Nov 16, 2007
I have the large leather Brooke and it does not have structure at all (which doesn't bother me at all). I don't know if the sig. has structure (do to the fabric). The leather doesn't fall over but kind of folds in on itself.
Nov 15, 2009
Yes, the brooke definitely is a sloucher with little structure. I have always been the structured bag sort of person, but I fell in love with the eggplant brooke and don't mind the lack of structure because it's lighter than my zoes and it's comfy to wear on my shoulder PLUS so soft.
i have the purple op art brooke, and it does have some structure but it's not super stiff either. i find that when it's not full the top sort of slouches down, but other than that it maintains a pretty good shape