does the bayswater ever go on sale?

  1. hi guys! its my first post in the mulberry section! i was looking for a bag that i could use to work as well as carry out normally and i think the bayswater is the perfect choice!! im this close to getting it but wanted to check with you experts that the bag doesnt go on sale? i hate buying bags that end up going on sale! thanks much!
  2. The 'classic' colours like oak and chocolate don't tend to go on sale. However, you can pick them up cheaper (like £150 cheaper) from the outlet stores in York, Shepton Mallet and Bicester if you are in the UK. You do have to be persistent and patient as they might not have the colour you want in stock. I think the saving is worth it though :smile:
  3. The Mulberries in the outlets tend to be the end of line models/ colours or slight seconds ( ie a few scratches so cannot be sold in the normal Mulberry store).
    As agirlinwinter says- the classic colours never go on sale (ie oak / chcocolate/ black) and are only occasionally available in the outlets. I couldn't get a plain chocolate bayswater from the outlet for love nor money and I was phoning 3 times a week for a month or more!
  4. The York store will put your name and number in the request book and will call you as soon as they get one??
  5. I'd perhaps hold out a few weeks to see if Net a Porter have another flash sale this year. In October 2006 they reduced a load of classic Mulberry bags to half price for 2 weeks (obviously they sold out way before the 2 weeks were up... on the first day, I think). They had the black Roxanne, Annie & chocolate Elgin and a few wallets.

    They've been selling the Bayswater for a while now and it's the old Darwin Bayswater rather than the new Natural leather Bayswater so, if they did do this type of sale, it's quite likely that the Bayswater would be reduced.

    Have to say, this is all just my musings, not based on anything I've heard. But just thought it was worth a mention.
  6. Oooh i hope so. I am coveting a black Bayswater :wlae:
  7. They sold the black Roxanne for 50% off? I feel ill that I missed that:sad: I saw the Bayswater IRL a couple of months back while shopping. I couldn't stop looking at it and I'm sure the girl wondered why I kept looking at her bag but the Bayswater is not common in the US and it was really nice. Would LOVE for it to go on sale here!
  8. In the Uk the best bet is the outlets, I have only seen the Bayswater on sale once and then not the populat colours. However not sure about the US
  9. Thanks, I thought as much. I wish they were easier to find in the US, I will likely wait to shop at one of their stores, possibly LA in the future, since the ones I find in Nordstrom are not the ones I want. Unless of course Net-a-Porter had a sale. That would change things entirely!:rolleyes:
  10. There is a Mulberry store on King street in Manchester,I went in just after I had got my large Roxanne in chocolate,and they were having a sale!!! And it seemed to be unusual colors,but no classic ones I'm afraid.But if you do decide to have ahunt round Manchester,there is Harvey Nics and Selfriges right opposite each other and not too far away from King Street!!!!
    Bag heaven, the Selfridges has a HUGE Louis Vitton concession in it among others!!!!Yum yum!!!
  11. ps the Harvey Nics carries most of the big names YSL,Balenciaga,Chloe etc take a girlfriend and make a day of it!!!! oooh,and if you do go into H N's ask for a young sales assistant called Daniel,he works on YSL but will help you with anything,he's so helpful and fabulous fun! I was looking for a summer bag to put away as an xmas prezzie from my hubby,and found a YSL soft satchel in white,reduced from £980 to £507!!!!! Bargain!!!! and it was made so special and so pleasurable a buy with Daniels help,a real sweetie!!!!
  12. I've heard that Mulberry gives stockholders a 20% discount on bags. I have never been able to find this on their website to verify. If it is true it would be wonderful to use during the boxing day sale or to "put" a bayswater on sale.
  13. I've heard this, too. However, I think the minimum stockholding is quite high.