Does Swift Scratch Easily?

  1. I know that there have been questions about the slouch factor of Swift...but I was wondering if any Swift owners had feedback on whether or not Swift is scratch resistant like togo and clemence? I don't have any Swift bags myself - so I'm not sure...
  2. It does scratch, but I find you can rub the light scratches out with your finger. Also, this leather refurbishes beautifully, so the scratches will come out after a spa treatment.
  3. ^^ :yahoo: :yahoo: I :heart: leathers that can be refurbished.
  4. I've had my swift Birkin for a couple of months now and no scratches so far. I'm not super careful with it either. I LOVE swift!
  5. HG, is it of the same re-furbishability as box?
  6. From what I've seen, it's almost as good as box.
  7. ^^Thanks!
  8. I have a swift Birkin as well. I could not resist how soft the leather feels:heart: !!!! So, I had to get it even though I am a croc. mania!!!! I was concerned about if it would be scratched easily like lamb skin. I got great advice about this leather from wonderful member here by PMs and I read threads about swift leather, and had a thread to ask my own question about it. After that I am not worried about swift leather. Swift leather is very soft like lamb skin, but MUCHHHHH stronger than lamb skin.

    I asked to SA and manager about swift leather when I got my Birkin. They told me that I should not have any problem with water with swift unless I let the bag completely soaked in water or somthing...:p They said just wipe water off when I get into rain or spill water...etc. They also told me it would come out wonderfully like new bag if I get refurbished swift leather.

    I just love the soft texture of swift so much!!!!!!!!:heart:
  9. Swift is on my want list!!!
  10. Ditto. The leather is tougher than you think but you do have to be a little more careful with it. I've (unwillingly) been in rain with my havane one and it didn't leave any waterspots so two thumbs up for swift!
  11. Wow..this thread makes me want swift!:p
  12. took out my swift birkin for the first time the other night. we had dinner at a brazilian steakhouse (where they serve meat nonstop in a gaucho way), meat grease dripped on my bag but I just managed to moisten my fingertips and wiped the grease away! no telltale sign it ever had it! no discoloration whatsoever!
  13. ^^ Now THAT'S a really good sign! I've been reluctant to take my swift etoupe birkin out too much because of the lighter color and texture of the leather. Out she comes!! Thanks, Pazt!
  14. :wtf: Sounds like a bad H-nightmare! This is great to know about Swift....I was hesitant about this leather because I thought it might be high-maintainance.
  15. oh, i forgot to mention - and this is when i got home after dinner! at dinner time, i covered my birkin with an extra cloth napkin but still grease was able to find it's way and fool me, didn't even check on our way home in the car! :sad:

    spied it when i was putting it away and it still came off after who knows how long it's been there! :yahoo: