Does SH do returns?

  1. Not loving my OP bambinone =(
    ..and I was so excited for it too, but the print placement sucks.
  2. no they don't...

    if you look on the receipt they send it says all sales final
  3. bah oh least it's a bag style I know I'll use, even if I'm not a fan of the print
  4. what does it look like?
  5. I'm sorry. I like your placement, but I love the happy flowers. and like the bug guy.
  6. I'm so sorry littlepaperstar! I agree with tachikomatic, I like your bambinone =) I'm a huge fan of OP things though...

    I know how it feels to not get the chars you wanted =( Doh!
  7. i think it's super cute. maybe you will grow to love it. wish i had jumped on the op stuff before it all sold out.
  8. hmm maybe i'd like it better with a cute qee...time to hit up kidrobot
  9. The bag is still pretty cute!! I already have one on the way from SH so.. I cant really help you get "rid" of it if anything. Oh!! And the "bug thing"... isnt that a bunny? hahaha I always thought it was cuuute!!
  10. a bunny? it has wings though? lol i don't know...I just wish it were all little flower guys
    but at least I got one, that's better than not having one in OP at all
  11. There is a bunny there (its all white) but I think she meant that round yellow thing with wings and huge red eyes
  12. i know which bunny you're speaking of's cute hahha.
  13. ooh, yup, I meant the yellow and red thing with big eyes
    I love the little cloud bunnies!
  14. Well ya know if you dont like it you could probably hit up LJ lol.