does Saks Off 5th sell COACH?

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  1. just wondering, i found a coupon in the Deals & Steals thread for 25% merchandise@ Saks Off 5th, this weekend only. Thanks!
  2. yup, sometimes. they have great purses, Fendi, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and they always have Coach

    I see you're in Dallas, the one at Grapevine Mills always has Coach
  3. cool, good to know, i might just make a trip out there Saturday.
  4. I just got back from Off the Fifth, they didn't have any at the Sawgrass location in FL today, but I have seen them there before so I guess it just depends on their inventory. :smile:
  5. Yes, the inventory of what brands they currently have in varies each time you go, but they do have coach sometimes.
  6. is there an off 5th in new york??
  7. :love: I miss living in Florida because of Miromar Outlets and Saks off Fifth... oh, that's my favourite store EVER, I got a DvF Diane von Furstenberg brand new skirt there, GORGEOUS, for $29.... and a pair of LV sunglasses for $59... and a pair of Joe's Jeans for $49... And a Marc Jacobs bag for $99..... I could go on and on... :love: :girlsigh: :crybaby: I MISS SO5A!!!!
  8. I always see Coach at Off 5th.. not great styles though.
  9. lol all far away from me! thanks though lagizzle... wonder why they wont put outlets and such in the city... oh wait.. then the city stores would be broke
  10. wait... westbury is not so bad... anybody ever been over there?
  11. off fifth that i go to (great mall) doesn't really have many coach styles there. they infact have some designer stuff that are pretty outdated. especially the sunnies....i don't dig the styles

  12. girl there is one at Woodbury commons!!! :smile: you go there sometimes just hit that one up when you go next!
  13. There is an Off Fifth in Paramus also and they carry Coach. That's if you get over here ever.
  14. Off Fifth in Auburn Hills, MI carries Coach... but otherwise their handbag selection is kinda boring... :sad: They usually have alotta Kooba, Coach, Isabella Fiore, etc...

    The NM Last Call in that mall usually has a bit better stuff, sometimes Marc Jacobs etc...

    For anyone that checks this thread around MI! :smile: