Does paypal ever call you?

  1. I'm a relatively new seller. I've been using paypal just fine. This morning one of my auctions ended and the buyer paid so i transfered the money to my bank account. But then I got a call from the number: 1-402-935-7733 from paypal. The lady asked me things like when do you usually ship out items, how did you acquire the items, and stuff like that. I called back to check the number and it says its paypal customer service but it kinda freaked me out. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Is this number legit? I'm nervous right now. Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi there, they have never called me but it might be be a customer check. As long as you didnt give out any info I wouldnt worry
  3. I've never heard of them calling anyone, but it might be legit. I wouldn't give out any info just to be on the safe side. :cutesy:
  4. When in doubt, call and find out.

    I would call PP and see if/why they called you. Is this something new? Is this a random check with their customers? I have been a PP member (business) for 5 years and I have NEVER had PP call me like that. That is weird, but you're right, the area code is definitely PP, but that doesn't mean it's the correct number to their CS (unless you verified it).

    I would call them and just ask them. It might give you some peace of mind!
  5. PP called me once to say that my appeal has been decided in my favor, apologies, and I should see the funds in my acct over the next 3 days. This of course was long ago in their virgin days of business.
  6. I've been on eBay for a few years and have never been called. I find that really strange....Mayaybe this is a new security measure?....Maybe they've starting calling new eBay registrants (sellers?) just to verify that you're you, and you're legit, etc...but who knows these days....nothing surprises me...Let us know what you find out...
  7. eBay called me and said whenever I log on using a different pc with different ip they will call to verify it is me.
  8. Thay have called me before but just to verify and make sure some transactions with my PayPal debit card were valid. I do believe they are calling now to verify some Ebay transactions as well
  9. I receiveda call back when I sold designer denim. The lady wanted to know who my supplier was. I was suspicious but she threatened to freeze my account if I didn't. I told her and she froze my account anyway.
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    They called me the other day with a recording to call them so they can help me to be a more successful seller. Probably because I listed my bags, read all of these eBay posts on the forum, freaked out and pulled my bags, a few days later I calmed down and relisted them only to pull them again a few days later.

    I felt like an idiot because I kept giving them fees, but some of these stories are scary.

    I didn't call them back.