Does Nordstrom's Rivet Void Warranty?

  1. When a person buys a final sale or refurbished bag from Nordstrom's that has the gold rivet inside, does that void the original warranty? In other words, will the bag's designer/maker still take that bag for a repair a year down the road, or are you on your own? I know that Nordies won't take it back or repair it, but what about the bag's original manufacturer?
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  3. I didn't know about the gold rivet thing, is that pointed out during the sale's transaction? Where do they put it--through the label?
  4. which bags come with original warranty? i think that if it's a paid service, the original manufacturer should take it back to fix whether or not it's final sale.
  5. Never heard of this.
  6. My understanding is that the rivet is put on the label so as to prevent returns. A lot of the refurbished bags look awesome and could easily pass as "regular" merchandise. The rivet prevents the return of a refurbished item being passed off as a new, full-priced item. I don't think it voids the warranty.
  7. Whoa - refurbished bags? What are these that you speak of, and where do they come from?!
  8. Isn't "refurbished" (through Nordies Rack) when they have a return that looks perhaps slightly used and they clean it and then sell it? I don't think they can sell it as "new" if it looks like it was worn a couple times, even if they do clean it. I think it goes to the Rack as refurbished after that...

    That could be a by-product of their very lenient return policy - the "I'd like to return this - oh - I bought this but never wore it even though the tags are gone" customers, who actually wore it twice, put it in the closet for 7 months, then returned it type of a thing. I could be wrong, but I think that's what the refurbished tag means.

    That being said, I got a great deal on a Michael Kors bag from the Rack a few years ago that was labeled "refurbished," and it was in perfect shape, better shape actually than some of the bags they were selling as new that were jumbled on the clearance table and scratched. Mine did not have a rivet, though.

    You may have to contact the specific manufacturer directly about the rivet/ warranty question - I am not sure.
  9. Greenpixie, I believe you are correct. I have purchased 2 bags from Nordstrom Rack that have a gold rivet right under the tag inside the purse. It is to prevent returns for full price. One bag looked slightly used but in great condition (especially for 80% off!) and the other looked brand new. I think they do this when there is a return to full line and the original tags are missing. Also, neither bag had a dust bag.