Does Neiman Marcus Price Match?

  1. I guess it depends on who you speak to... I was able to price match through the NM online chat for a pair of Michael Kors shoes a few days ago. Michael Kors' website had the exact same pair for a bit cheaper, so I was able to get them from NM at the lower price with free shipping!

    I've always had great experiences with NM.
  2. Nope - NM would not price match Nordie's.
  3. BG doesn't even match NM! And aren't they the same company???
  4. Yeah, I have to be more clear. I had couple of bad experience with NM online. The stores for the most part are very helpful.
  5. I think because Neiman Marcus one of the top upscale department stores, they don't really have to price match. The "NM customer" isn't really concerned with the lowest price as much as selection, exclusivity and the fact they like shopping at NM.

    For a while, I had a long stretch where I refused to buy anything from NM because I received poor customer service there. Especially at the STL location. I'm not talking about usual complaints we read where people expected more "service"... I'm talking, extremely rude behavior. One SA refused to go in the back and get shoes for me to try on and told me to try on the floor model instead! So I'm not too much of a NM fan. I love Cusp (their concept store) and BG though!

    But my MIL LOOOOOVES NM. She doesn't really care to comparison shop at different department stores. She just knows that if she walks into a NM, she'll find something she likes. She likes being InCircle. She likes how they gift wrap and put charms/gifts dangling off their gift ribbon... and she knows they only sell the best at Neiman Marcus.
  6. I've gotten neiman marcus to price match bergdorf goodman and vice versa. this is what i meant but i made it all confusing in my first response. lol
  7. I wonder if they would be more likely to price match now given the horrible economy!

  8. Lucky you! I asked BG when NM has the extra 25% off and they said they don't price match any other stores!
  9. Thats strange cause they are the same company. I've never had a problem but I have felt weird about asking cause I dont think they are used to people trying to bargain. lol
  10. I doubt NM would price match...they aren't the best in the customer service dept!
  11. Funny thing is... the NM store won't even match prices with NM online. They say the store and online are 2 separate entities.
  12. Well I recently found out that Neiman Marcus will price match and if you are normal Neiman Marcus, they will even give you a discount. My friend's MIL is a regular at Neiman Marcus and she would never never ever pay anything full price. This method only work if you are set on buying a particular item. I seen it happen everytime I happen to go shopping with her.
  13. Hmm.. I bought a pair of Louboutins from during the double giftcard event, and I noticed that Saks has the same pair of Loubs for $70 less! I called to inquire, and they said "We don't price match with Saks".

    I can't believe their customer service wouldn't do a full-retail price matching with another reputable department store! It's not like I'm even asking them to match a sale price!

    Should I let this go, take my double giftcards and be happy? Or should I just cancel and get them from Saks (and I am a SaksFirst Premier member). What would you do?
  14. Neiman Marcus does price match it has to be the same item, same color same size to receive the price match like any other company. The customer service is not bad the customers want what they want when they want it and nothing in this world is like that not even Burger King.