Does my cat need a friend?

  1. I have a 7 month old kitty that I love dearly. I recently had gotten him a friend to play with (another male kitten) and they got along so well together even though I only had a kitten a short time. The little one would even try to nurse on my cat.For the kittens initial vet check, a medical condition was brought to my attention that the kitten had and as much as I did not want to, I had to find him another home since it was recommended that he be an only cat. My older cat has been moping around the house today...sleeping all day long and kind of being withdrawn today. I feel terrible. I am a bit traumatized over the whole situation and really do not think I am ready for another cat, but my kitty just does not look happy. My question is...are cats okay being an only cat or do they need friends? Do any of you have an only cat? Are they okay with it?

    Please no flaming about having to give up the kitten..I already have a hole in my heart as it is...:crybaby:
  2. they are purrrfectly fine being only cats but do enjoy the company of other cats too. he's still young enough that he can get used to being alone. I'm assuming he is fixed too? that will keep him closer to home in case he decideds to wander away for "company". my suggestion though, if you plan to get him a buddy, do it now. when he gets older and more territorial it will be a little harder (though not impossible) to introduce him to a buddy - especially if it is another male.
  3. aww! you should consider getting your cat a buddy. go for it!
  4. My boyfriend's kitty is 13 years old and he's gone his whole life without another feline friend. As long as you give your kitty all of YOUR love then i don't think you should worry about getting another kitty...but if you decide to get one that would be great too!
  5. I always have animals in pairs. I think they need the company.
  6. If you can afford to, I'd consider getting your cat a friend. I know lots of people with only one cat, I've always had 2-3 cats from the start... it is nice that they can be there for each other when I'm not home. They snuggle and play together and yes, sometimes drive each other nuts, but overall I think they are happy that they're not alone.

    If you do get another one, just make sure the vet checks him/her out before introducing to you current cat. Don't want any diseases possibly spread!
  7. I would deff try to find another cat for your furbaby. I think they benifit from companionship with another animal.
  8. for a long time my older cat was the only child...and I got a younger one for her...she is so much happier to have a playmate now, she has stopped howling at the front door, they get along fine, and they look after each other. Definitely get a 2nd one..