DOES LV normally have the problems I have been reading about in all of the threads?

  1. Now I am scared! I want my LV so bad but it sounds like there are so many problems and I do not have a store near me so what would I do if something did actually go wrong??!!! Can anyone reassure me?
  2. in all honesty, you should always check out any item before purchasing.. i haven't had any problems with my Vuittons so far, so i wouldn't get too worried. just make sure you examine it before purchasing! :flowers:
  3. the problem is that I would have to purchase over the phone or through elux because I live in a state with NO vuitton anywhere near me!!
  4. eLuxury is the best. I am getting an item exchanged as we speak due to defects...
    BUT not to scare you, I own SEVERAL LV pieces and this is the first time anything has happened to it...
    Overall, LV is tops on my list for quality (and I have many many many purses)!
  5. Get your LV, you'll love it.:P I don't think there are many problems wih LV compared to the number of items they make. Touch wood - I haven't any problems with my few LV items but make`sure you check them carefully first- same for any high cost item.
  6. I think Gucci and Dior aren't as well made as Vuitton, agree purse lovers?
  7. That is so disappointing when you consider exactly how much we have to pay for the joy of carrying these bags. I am worried because when I was D&B addict lol I never had any problems and those bags are a lot less money ya know??!! Scared but I have ALWAYS wanted a LV bag just nervous now. Does Damier have more problems than MONO sounds like it from threads I have read.
  8. Personally, I'd worry about Damier less since it lacks the vachetta that monogram has. :shrugs:

    I agree that LV bags are better quality than Gucci and Dior! The bags just look...better, too.
  9. I have owned LVs for about three years right now...and so far so good, the chances of any of your bags aquiring defects is very slim...I think out of all the designer bags out there...LV has the most superior assure that as long as you take care of your bag, it will last for years and years and maybe generations! there are so many vintage pieces in excellent condition, and pieces that my aunt has had for 20+ years. Also LV has great customer service, and I have heard the same from elux as well! dont let this deter you from getting your dream LV!
  10. I guess like with everything there are always a few bad apples huh?
  11. This is what you usually think but I don't think it is unreasonable to expect better from LV, considering what you pay! That poor girl in that other thread seemed to get a whole batch of bad apples. :sad:
  12. That is why I am so worried lol. One is bad enough but several is pretty unforgivable...
    I do expect perfection when this much $ is invilved ya know?
  13. well.. like another PFer said, they bags are all handmade.. so there are possibly marginal errors?? of course, i would be very upset if one of my bags showed up with a problem, but honestly, the only way to avoid it is to check the bag thoroughly before bringing it home. there have been a few threads with problems with the Vuitton bags, but keep in mind that there are alot of PFers who have lots of Vuitton bags that have not had any problems. Try not to worry about it so much.. it'll take all the fun out of getting your first Vuitton! :flowers:
  14. Very true Stress eliminates all of the fun lol
  15. I've been a buyer and an avid USER of ALL my LV bags for the past ten years and I have yet to have anything happen to any of them!!!:nuts: The only thing that did happen to one of them (mono papillon) is the zipper pull chipped/tarnished a little but I consider it normal wear and tear since that bag was my main fall/winter bag and was through every rain/snow storm we had in Canada that winter. Don't worry. IMO, LV bags are of excellent quality and whatever negative things you hear about them are not common problems but very isolated cases. LV stands behind their product as well so if something does go wrong, they will fix/replace it.:yes: