Does Louis Vuitton do This ???

  1. I was wondering...If I made a bag, I would keep one of it so I had a model of the bag that I made. Does LV do the same and has one of every bag made Housed in LV somewhere or maybe LV himself keeps them ??. Does anyone have any info about this ?. Thanks :smile:
  2. Well I know for a fact LV does not keep them because he is dead lol! he died a LONG time ago! I am sure they have a vault or showcase somewhere with everything in there! most likely for reference and what not, maybe to use similar things for future pieces like the V on the old steamer from Gaston, is on the Sacoche ya know?
  3. yes they have an archive. full of prototypes and old pieces. there was an article in the daily telegraph a while ago about SOs (the sort you have to be really rich or famous for, like designing a custom piece)and they mentioned the archive.
    ill see if i can track down the article later tonight.
  4. Oooh I imagine it to be like that vast warehouse at the end of Indiana Jones when they hide the Ark in a crate.. a vast sea of all the LV bags every made.. :drool:
  5. I would love to walk through there!

  6. me too! :yes:
  7. O GOSH!! Me too!
  8. There should so be a LV museum!

  9. LOL:roflmfao:

  10. mmmmm...I can just imagine that!! :drool: :roflmfao: