Does it matter if I purchase through Eluxury or 866-vuitton?

  1. Does this make a difference?
  2. Not really. ;)
  3. Do you prefer one over the other? If so why? the 866 number has cheaper shipping though lol
  4. if you live outside CA or TN, you don't have to pay tax if you buy through eLuxury. if you call the 866 you have to pay tax no matter where you live.
  5. When does elux have no shipping charges? I read that somewhere here....???
  6. elux doesn't tax unless you live in TN or CA. 866 taxes you. you pay shipping for both. (i gather shipping is cheaper through 866... i've never purchased through 866.) elux ships item from warehouse in TN and 866 ships item from a boutique i believe.
  7. 866 SA told me that since ID doesn't have any stores there would be no tax?
  8. i think with elux u can get a 3% rebate?
  9. yes, if you access eLuxury through ******.com
  10. S&H from elux is outrageous! I was told S&H is a flat rate of $10 via 866.
  11. me too! ELUX for speedy would be 21+ $ only 10 through 866
  12. ****** is no longer being used through elux (someone posted about this last week).
    866 will ship from wherever they can find product. Sometimes this is from a boutique somewhere in the country and sometimes from TN (my Birth of Modern Luxury book came from TN). 866 will NOT charge you tax if there isn't an LV store anywhere in your state. ALTHOUGH last time I ordered something there was a computer glitch and I didn't get charged sales tax (why didn't I order a MC speedy that day!)
    Shipping charge for Fedex ground is only $10 on 866.
    866 is generally pretty good....I always order my items and then ask a million questions about upcoming lines, etc.
    I have no experience with elux though.
  13. no, no, it's back :yes::nuts:! it's been back for a few days now. it's there right now :yes:
  14. sweeeeet...thanks Sandra. I'm definetly going to sign up for it! anyway to save tax!
  15. Do you get a box from both places? Also what about a catalog? Do those ever come from ordering online?